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Minister: Norway will try to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine “as soon as possible”

Norway will send some of its German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine "as soon as possible", possibly by the end of March, the country's...

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian in the West Bank

On Monday morning, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the fatal shot was...

Media: Dissatisfied Gerasimov and Shoigu presented “proposal”

Chief of General Staff Valerijus Gerasimov, January 11. after becoming commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, he replaced former commander Sergei Surovikin due...

Invaders deport people from Svatov district in Luhansk region en masse

Invaders from Russia deport the inhabitants of the villages of the Svatov district of the temporarily seized region of Luhansk en masse, and the...

Kremlin responds to Johnson’s claim that Putin threatened him with a missile

On Monday, the Kremlin slammed former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally threatened to launch a missile as...


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