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British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned after 6 weeks

British Prime Minister Liz Truss is stepping down after six weeks in office after losing power amid criticism from within her own party. The Conservative leader thus becomes the fourth head of the British government to be forced to resign in more than six years.

The Trust announced its decision this Wednesday in a statement outside the official Downing Street residence following a meeting with Graham Brady, the leader of the Conservative MPs’ group. “I came to office at a time of great instability. I was elected to the Conservative Party with a mandate to change that and a vision of low taxes and high growth. Due to the created situation, I will not be able to fulfill the mandate for which I was elected”, he said in front of the famous black door of number 10.

Rebellion Tories It led to the resignation of its leader, with more than a dozen ruling party MPs saying they did not trust him. The track lost its mandate after having to dismantle virtually the entire fiscal project due to an earthquake in the financial markets.

The political crisis worsened after Suella Braverman resigned as interior minister and chaos broke out during a parliamentary vote this Wednesday, when dozens of conservative MPs failed to exercise voting discipline.

Trasi, previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs, He took office on September 6, after the victory of the Conservative Party in the internal elections Thanks to the votes of the bases – MPs to replace Boris Johnson Tories He was won by his rival, former economy minister Rishi Sunak – by promising to cut taxes, a strategy he was forced to reverse. His mandate lasted 45 days.

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