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NATO sets “urgent priority” to strengthen Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses

More air defense for Ukraine. This is what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is asking the defense ministers of the military alliance member states who are meeting in Brussels. “The appalling indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian cities, civilian casualties, destroyed critical civilian infrastructure and, most importantly, attacks on energy infrastructure are serious as we approach winter,” the Norwegian told a meeting at NATO headquarters. necessity. We need different types of air defense: short-range, long-range, ballistic missile systems, cruise missiles, drones, different systems for different tasks. And then, of course, Ukraine is a big country, it has many cities, so we should be able to help Ukraine more in protecting more cities and territories from Russia’s horrific attacks on civilians.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told a meeting of the 50-nation Contact Group on Ukraine: “The whole world has seen once again the brutality of Putin’s war, based on aggression and produced with profound ignorance. for the rules of war. Russia’s recent bombing of Ukrainian cities has again killed and injured innocent civilians and targeted non-military targets. But the latest Russian attacks have only deepened the resolve of the Ukrainian people and further united well-meaning nations from all regions of the world. So we gather again today to support Ukraine’s inalienable right to defend itself.”

“As President Biden has said, we will support the defense of Ukraine as long as it takes,” Austin said.

“Russia is mobilizing tens of thousands of new troops,” Stoltenberg said: “They are trying to illegally annex new territories in Ukraine, and we have seen indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian cities. Then, of course, we also heard covert nuclear threats from Moscow. This makes it the most serious escalation since February.

The NATO Secretary General also urged allies to “replenish” their arms stockpiles: “We need to look at how to replenish those stocks, review our guidance and address it with industry so we can produce more weapons, more ammunition, more capacity. It is necessary both to ensure self-restraint and self-defense, as well as to continue support for Ukraine.

Regarding the risk of a nuclear conflict – NATO continues its annual nuclear deterrence exercises – Stoltenberg said: “We have seen speculation about the use of low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and we have made it clear to Russia that this will have serious consequences. Russia knows that a nuclear war cannot be won, it should never be fought. And, of course, we’re also keeping a close eye on Russia’s nuclear posture. We have not seen any change in Russia’s nuclear posture, but we will remain vigilant, continue to monitor closely, because Russia’s nuclear threats, nuclear rhetoric and hidden threats are dangerous and reckless.”

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