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Where Putin is staying during the protests. The people of Navalny revealed a sumptuous forest dacha

During protests and anti-mobilization demonstrations, Russian President Vladimir Putin stayed in a secret palace complex in the middle of the woods halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg, he pretends freelance journalist. The luxurious forest residence has a three-story spa complex with a cryogenic chamber, a mud bath and a swimming pool with a swimming pool including a hockey field. Putin rested “body and soul” at his residence in the Novgorod region last weekend, reports the news portal Initiated. It is Putin’s “personal favourite” and at the same time his most secret dacha, according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation founded by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The forest complex on the shores of Lake Valdai is located in the Novgorod region between Moscow and St. Petersburg. “Next to the main house – the official residence – there is a three-story spa complex with a cryogenic chamber, a mud bath and a swimming pool with a swimming pool. There is also a hockey field in the complex, where the president meet friends and play hockey,” freelance journalist Farida Rustamová wrote in a telegram, citing three sources close to the Russian dictator.

The Russian president’s vacation home has been mapped by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by imprisoned Russian opponent and activist Alexei Navalny. According to the Navalny Fund, the lavish mansion is Putin’s “personal favourite” among his luxury properties, writes Insider.

Rustamová claims in his message that Putin visited his forest residence the day the video announcing the partial mobilization was released. Afterwards, the president went to the Valdaj complex, where he spent a weekend full of demonstrations against the mobilization and “rested his soul and his body”. Meanwhile, Russian media only published recorded video footage of the meetings to mask Putin’s absence in public, writes the journalist.

“As people from all over Russia are driven to the front, Putin is relaxing at his spa complex in Valdai,” Rustamova wrote, referring to her statement.

Apart from the vast spa complex, the Valdai residence also has a personal beauty salon, a Chinese pavilion by the lake or a wooden church. “There are also cooling huts, spas, gazebos, a restaurant building and a separate beer restaurant, including a children’s playground with slides,” according to the opposition website. Navalnywhich maps the real estate and activities of Russian oligarchs.

The anti-corruption foundation believes the Lake Valdai property is partly owned by oligarch and billionaire Yuriy Kovalchuk, often referred to as “Putin’s banker”. “A four-storey residence with an area of ​​3,500 m2. Balconies, terraces, a grand staircase with a fountain. Look, here is a plot of 150 hectares – this is land in the northern part of the island. There is technical buildings on it – warehouses, garages, hangars and small guesthouses. The land officially belongs to the Russian Federation and is permanently used by the Federal Security Service. Everything is as it should be,” Navalny informs the server , adding that part of the peninsula belongs to Kovalchuk.

“It is his most popular official dacha, but apparently also the most secret,” concludes the opposition server, adding that the residence hides two underground floors.

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