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FSB armored vehicle and soldiers on the border with Georgia. We haven’t closed the borders yet, says the Kremlin

Russia has not yet taken a decision to close its borders in connection with the departure of Russian citizens abroad following the announcement of a partial mobilization in the country, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Moscow also expects that all errors that occurred during swabs will be corrected, TASS wrote. Images and photos of Russian soldiers and army vehicles on the Russian-Georgian border are increasingly appearing on social networks, writes the BNO server. An FSB military armored vehicle was also seen among the lines of cars leaving the Russian Federation, reports the news portal Ukrainian truth.

“I don’t know anything about it. No decision has been made yet,” Peskov told a news conference when asked if Russia would close its borders or declare martial law in some areas. regions.

“There are cases where the decree (of Russian President Vladimir Putin on partial mobilization) has been violated,” the spokesperson also acknowledged. According to Reuters, the problem concerned a subpoena filed by mistake

“Russian soldiers arrive at the border with Georgia,” reports the BNO server with a link to a video of the border crossing into Georgia. The images show a long line of cars around which an armored military vehicle with soldiers drives.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) itself informed about the arrival of an armored vehicle at the Georgian border crossing, reports the news portal Ukrainska Pravda. The armored vehicle is supposed to ensure that reservists do not leave the country “without completing border formalities”.

“The armored vehicle was sent there as an emergency reserve in case the reservists wanted to cross the checkpoint and leave the country without the necessary formalities,” the website said. A military vehicle must not “restrict checkpoints or the exit of citizens”.

Last Wednesday, Putin ordered a partial mobilization in Russia, expected to involve around 300,000 people with previous military experience. According to the AFP news agency, however, cases increase when elderly, sick or totally inexperienced people, including students, are called.

Opposition to the mobilization sparked protests in a number of Russian cities and regions and several incidents at military stations. Even some pro-Kremlin officials criticized the alleged confusion that accompanied the mobilization.

“Eyewitnesses and local sources report that the Russian army has arrived at the border with Georgia and is starting to set up checkpoints,” reports Faytuks News, saying they are supposed to stop the exodus of men of age to serve.

In recent days, social media has been flooded with images of long queues at Russian border crossings and crowded airports. The Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta wrote on Sunday, citing a Kremlin source, that more than 260,000 men have fled Russia since the partial mobilization was announced. According to the newspaper, representatives of the security forces and government ministries have proposed closing the borders.

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