Guterres says UN will “do everything possible to end war in Ukraine” before meeting with Putin

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has traveled to Moscow to try to activate a diplomatic channel to end the war in Ukraine. After meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, he will speak with Putin, which is their first bilateral meeting since the start of the invasion.

“We are deeply interested in doing everything possible to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible and to minimize the suffering of people and reduce the impact on vulnerable groups in other parts of the world,” he told the media earlier this month. Meeting.

The UN Secretary-General assured that the world “is facing a difficult situation in Ukraine, with a different interpretation of what is happening there.” “But there are no restrictions on the possibility of a very serious dialogue to find out how to alleviate the suffering of the people,” he said in a statement collected by the EFE.

Guterres said the UN was “very interested in finding ways for effective dialogue, a ceasefire as soon as possible and the creation of conditions for a peaceful solution.”

For his part, Lavrov assured that Moscow agrees to address a number of important issues, “including the situation around Ukraine, which exacerbates the many problems accumulated in the Euro-Atlantic region over the past decades.”

“We appreciate your desire in this difficult time to seriously study how to apply the principle of multilateralism, which has openly challenged the West in recent years, which has sadly sought to create a unipolar world and eternity,” he said.

First Putin and then Zelensky

Faced with the strengthening of the talks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has decided to step forward and play a more active role in the ceasefire. After meeting with Erdogan in Ankara on Monday to thank him for his role as mediator, he will meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow today. Following his visit to Russia, Guterres will travel to Kyiv on Thursday to meet with Zelensky and his foreign minister, Dimitro Kulba.

This is Guterres’s first trip since the invasion of the two countries. So far, the UN has not been able to reach even a temporary truce or agreement on the safe operation of humanitarian corridors. Last week, Guterres offered an “Easter truce” to Putin and Zelensky over an Orthodox resurrection. Kiev accepted But Russia rejected the offer.

Guterres’s diplomatic marathon comes after weeks of pressure for the UN High Representative to attend more mediation efforts in the conflict. A few days ago, a group of more than 200 people who held key positions in the United Nations sent a letter to Guterres asking for more commitments.

“We look forward to more political involvement from the United Nations in this crisis,” they wrote in the letter. “We want to see a clear strategy for restoring peace, starting with a temporary ceasefire, as well as demonstrating the good work of the United Nations in mediation and conflict resolution,” wrote the authors, who called for “visits to the affected areas.” And “Dialogue with Opposing Parties.”

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