Russia is threatening a third world nuclear war, and Ukraine responds by saying it wants to “scare” its allies.

Following Russia’s two-month offensive in Ukraine, a new warning is coming from Moscow about the escalation of the conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that the threat of a third world war was “serious, it is real and should not be underestimated.” He did so after threatening Western countries with sending weapons to Ukraine and assuring them that these contingents were a “legitimate target” for Russia. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Dmitry Kuleba responded that Russia’s threatening rhetoric was due to the fact that they felt that “they are losing the fight.”

In an interview with Russian state television. Lavrov assured that “the danger of such a conflict [una guerra nuclear] “This is serious, it is real and it should not be underestimated,” he said, adding that while Russia’s “principled position” was that this war would be “unacceptable”, there were “significant risks” that could lead to greater conflict.

Russia’s foreign minister has pointed to the sending of weapons to Ukraine by his Western allies and threatened to attack those contingents as “legitimate targets.”

Lavrov accused Zelensky of “provoking” the escalation of the conflict and assured that the shipment of weapons to Kyiv “pours fuel on the fire.” “NATO is, in essence, engaged in a war with Russia through a puppet and weapons on that puppet side,” he added.

In an interview, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman directly accused the United States of sending weapons to Ukraine: “This is another example of American lack of cleanliness in terms of international law and the implementation of its own rules. On the principle of “I do what I want”.

The threat from Russia comes before US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visits the Rammstein military base (southwestern Germany), where a meeting of defense ministers will be held to determine the “framework” for military assistance to Ukraine. War against Russia.

At the beginning of the meeting, Austin said that so far more than 30 allied countries, including the United States, have announced more than $ 5 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The response from Ukraine was received by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, who assured that when Russia talks about the possibility of starting a third world war, this time nuclear, it is because it feels that it is losing the fight in Ukraine.

“Russia is losing the last hope of the world to support Ukraine. Therefore, we are talking about the “real” threat of World War III. This means that Moscow feels defeated in Ukraine. “Therefore, the world must redouble its support for Ukraine so that we can win and protect European and global security,” Kuleb wrote on Twitter.

Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart made the remarks during a visit to Moscow by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, where he is scheduled to meet with Foreign Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the meeting, he will leave for Ukraine on Thursday, where he will also meet with Kuleb and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Guterres aims to unblock negotiations and launch a ceasefire commitment or guarantee to ensure that the humanitarian corridors work properly.

In an interview with the Russian channel, Lavrov assured that the peace talks would continue and the goal was to reach an “agreement”, but warned that it would be based on the “current state of military operations”, which indicates that Moscow is seeking a position of power before sitting down again.

China calls for dialogue

Following Lavrov’s remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

“Nobody wants a third world war, (…) it is necessary to encourage peace talks [entre Rusia y Ucrania]”, He said this at a briefing collected by the Russian agency TASS.

Wang Wenbin said that the armed conflict in Ukraine should not continue and stressed the need to avoid negative consequences, which could lead to the conflict in Ukraine not only for Europe but for the whole world.

“We hope that all parties involved will show justice and prevent escalation. [del conflicto]”He answered a question about Lavrov’s words.

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