Gogglebox families left stunned after Bake Off celebs recreated Paul Hollywood in Biscuits

Gogglebox is back on TV again this week and families are delighted to see four other celebrities bake at Bake Off Tent in the UK. The celebrity version of the show aims to raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer.

The final episode saw the Gogglebox families stunned by a famous bakery trying to recreate one of the rulers’ cookies. Baked comedian Mawan Rizwan will always be fun.

From the start of the show, Moen said her tactic was to court Paul’s Hollywood, culminating in a stunning challenge when the stars were tasked with recreating their famous hero in a cookie. Mawan chose to make a version of Paul with cognac.

But during the challenge, nothing was going according to plan. Moan biscuits are not fully cooked and then broken in half. Lots of things you can do with regular Gogglebox entertainment.

The reactions started even before Abim spotted the cookie. “Woe to Paul Hollywood!” he shouted.

But when he was finally released, the reactions were mixed. More than in the Viennese family, the show was attended by the spouses Marcus and Mica, better known as Mich.

Marcus said, “Look, Mich. This is absolutely rubbish.” His wife Mica replied: But do you know? It’s funny…”

“He looks like Paul,” Marcus concluded. Sophie agreed in Blackpool. I did him justice. He said.

Giles had a different opinion: “It’s like Art Nouveau. If you get far enough from it – like Mel – it looks good.”

Source: Belfastlive





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