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PNV, Bildu and Podemos demand responsibility and reparation for the victims of Melilla

Vitoria, June 30 (EFE).- PNV, EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos parliamentary groups have demanded an “immediate and independent investigation” into what happened in Melilla, where at least 37 people died trying to cross the fence. NGOs to “clear responsibility” and establish reparative measures for victims.

The three formations read a joint statement, coinciding with a regular plenary session held by the Basque Chamber on Thursday, in which they described the words of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez as “unacceptable” because he had given “understanding and support”. Actions were taken to ensure that the situation was “handled well” by the Spanish and Moroccan security forces.

However, these three groups believe that last June 25 they suffered “one of the most serious humanitarian disasters in the history of the southern border of the Spanish state”, where according to NGOs at least 37 people died and dozens were injured in the attempt. to reach Melilla and “brutal images of violence, hot returns and serious human rights abuses by immigration authorities”.

For this reason, they express their “concern” about what happened, they express their solidarity with the families of the sub-Saharan population who were killed or injured by “police brutality” and demand “an immediate and independent investigation to establish the facts. To clarify the responsibility and establish compensation measures for the victims”.

They also demand recovery, identification and repatriation of the dead bodies.

“We also express our very categorical rejection of the current European and Spanish policies on migration and asylum, which revolve around the militarization and externalization of borders” and demand “the creation of legal and safe channels that ensure dignity and respect for human rights.” All migrants”.

Source: El Diario





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