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Woman makes £80,000 a month on OnlyFans thanks to her height and fridge trick

Marie Temara, 27, finally flaunts her height and wears heels in public for the first time (Collect/PA Real Life)

The 6-foot-2 former accountant tackled the embarrassment of his height by making a buck on video subscription site OnlyFans, receiving 80,000 yen a month from leopards who pay to see him on camera like a giant. And kicked his foot over the refrigerator.

Marie Temara’s luck in August 2021 was followed by unhappiness that led to the end of her relationship and a work epidemic. Grandma Susan Clifford, 82, filmed high-profile videos that went viral.

More used to taking pictures and bending down the aisles to hide the height – which she reached at age 12 – Marie, 27, suddenly celebrated it online and now has 379,5K views about her body positive content on TikTok.

Marie Temara, 27, has to stand under every door because of her height (compilation / PA Real Life)

He also started increasing his height by wearing very high heels when he came out saying, “I’m starting to feel proud of my height. Last year I wore six inch heels to a bar with friends and felt great.”

“Everyone looked at me, but I was so proud of it. ‘If people don’t like me because I’m tall, that’s their problem.’”

Marie Temara, 27, finally flaunts her height and wears heels in public for the first time (Collect/PA Real Life)

Marie now lives a wonderful life from above, hating for years belonging to a “family of giants” that includes her father, Mike Tamera, 61, 6 feet, 2 feet, and her siblings, Shane, 26, and Troy, 24., 6 feet 9 inches. She said, “I’ve always hated being this tall and wishing to look like one of the little girls.

“When I first posted the video, which said I was 6ft 2in and weighed 200lbs (14lbs), I couldn’t believe the answer. Everyone was so positive and cool.”

Marie Temara plays teenage basketball (Collect/PA Real Life)

He added, “I’ve become someone who doesn’t want any of the men to think I’ve lost my mind.

“Many girls have written to me privately and told me that watching someone means a lot to them.”

He was taller than his brothers before the age of 13 when he was suddenly pushed aside and bought clothes in the adult section due to his height, even standing far from the crowd caused bullying.

Marie Temara, 27, gained popularity after her TikTok went viral in August 2021 (Collect/PA Real Life)

He said, “I’ve always been taller than everyone else.

“I am tired of this height.

“People called me a boy because I was taller than everyone else, and that was really hard.”

Marie Temara, 27, filmed videos of her mother, Christine Temara, 60 (compilation / PA Real Life)

Mary added, “It was even more difficult when I went to high school, because that’s when I started loving boys and I was much taller than them.

“I would have loved them, but they didn’t love me back.

I sat in the aisles and in the pictures. I would jump down or bend to the side to look shorter.”

Marie Temara, as a child, with her mother Christine Temara, 1996 (compilation / PA Real Life)

Being tall detracts greatly from his style.

She said, “The girl’s clothes I wanted to wear didn’t fit. I should have gone to the women’s section, but I’ve always wanted to wear my favorite little girl prints.”

“At school, some of the desks and chairs were too small for me, so they had to get a special one because their knees hit the desk.

“It was something that made me realize I was different.”

Marie Temara, 27, 6ft 2, with her mother, Christine Temara, 60, who is 6ft 5 (compilation/PA Real Life)

The returning family enjoyed watching how they were measured.

By marking their heights on the wall when they got older, Mary enjoyed being taller than her younger siblings until they got taller and taller.

He smiled, “It was a family competition that was the highest.

“Unlike school, I wanted to be taller at home. I desperately wanted to be shorter in class.”

Marie Temara, 27, 6ft 2, with her mother, Christine Temara, 60, who is 6ft 5 (compilation/PA Real Life)

Encouraged by her mother, who had been playing basketball professionally around the world for six years, Mary was proud when she played too, but she still felt confident most of the time.

She said, “It was great to be next to other girls who play basketball, and they play basketball because there are so few, but I still wanted to be shorter.

“I was such a girl and loved all my hair and makeup. I wanted so badly to wear heels, but I never wore them, I was so afraid of being tall.”

Marie Temara, eight, with brothers Shane Temara, seven, and Troy Temara, five. (collection/real life PA)

After dropping out of college, Mary attended Morrisville State College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

He worked hard as an accountant, which he did for four years, and his personal life was much less successful.

He said, “It was really hard to get acquainted. I was just looking for tall men.”

Marie Temara, 13, after playing basketball (compilation / PA Real Life)

He added, “But the most important thing now is that I love ‘Short Kings’, so I still love short men, and after filming the videos, I realized that I love them too.

“They say they are short, but they like me to be tall and I want a tall woman.

“A lot of guys have said I’m too tall, or that I’m getting taller during a conversation on a dating site, and most of the time they just aren’t interested.”

Marie Temara, 11, 2006 (compilation / PA Real Life)

But Mary met for a year and a half, only to find that their relationship ended naturally in August 2021, a year after losing her job in April 2020, when a pandemic broke out.

However, Marie refused to take drastic measures, turned her losses into opportunity, and began shooting TikTok videos about her height, which went viral and got 3 million views.

He said, “I lost my job at Covid, then got divorced and decided to post something on TikTok about his height.”

Marie Temara, 27, with her mother, Christine Temara, father, Mike Temara, 61, and brothers, Shane, 26, and Troy, 24 (compilation / PA Real Life)

He added, “I didn’t know what to expect, but it exploded and spread instantly.

“I was so shocked — I thought, ‘Wow, people really love this. “

“Many people have left comments and said they thought I was very nice and thanked me for sharing and said they finally had someone to look up to.

“I even asked my mum and grandmother to join me in the videos!”

Marie Temara, now 27, with siblings Shane, now 26, and Troy, now 24, in New York, 2014 (Collect/PA Real Life)

Marie quickly gained thousands of subscribers, discovered a new self-confidence and quickly worked with several brands on Instagram as a fitness model.

Eager to promote body positivity, Marie is also keen to share videos about her weight on TikTok.

“I’ve always weighed over 200 pounds and now I’m 207 pounds (14 7 pounds),” he said.

Mary Temara, 27, with mother Christine Temara, 60, 6ft 5 and grandmother Mary, 6ft, Susan Clifford, 82, (compilation/PA Real Life)

He added: “I hated my weight – I didn’t step on the scale and was very ashamed of the doctors.

But now I love him. I’m very interested in fitness and have been training for 15 years, probably because I weigh what I’m doing.

“I exercise two or three hours a day, mostly weightlifting.

“However, when I say how much I weigh, a lot of people are shocked. They don’t realize that it’s okay to be over 200 pounds — it doesn’t sound bad.

Marie Tamara, 27, loves kicking in her 5-foot-10 refrigerator (compilation/PA Real Life)

Selling her photos and posting them on OnlyFans means Mary now earns between £60 and £80,000 ($75-100,000) a month.

He said, “Someone suggested I try OnlyFans after watching my videos on TikTok, so I started in 2021.

“Now I have what I’ve been doing in a month in a year.”

Marie Temara, 27, Too Tall to Shower (compilation / PA Real Life)

Despite the lucrative advantages she has now found in length, Mary says she still has drawbacks.

“My feet were always hanging off the bed,” she said.

“I have a Ford Mustang and it’s very small and I have to go back and forth all the way – I need a truck!

“I also have to stand in the shower because I’m always too tall to be in the shower.”

Marie Tamara, 27, Too Long in Her Bed (compilation / PA Real Life)

Mary is not yet turning her back on accountancy – a profession she loved – and is considering starting her own business in the future.

But for now, he’s happy to make the most of his newfound popularity and spread a positive message about his different looks.

“When I think about how far I’ve come, I get emotional,” he said.

Marie Temara, 27, looks like a giant next to her 5-foot-10 refrigerator (Collect/PA Real Life)

She added, “I don’t want any girl to feel like me, and if I can help people feel more confident and proud of their height, it means everything to me.

“I want people to know that it’s okay to be different.”

As a regular contributor to Marie TikTok videos, her mom Kristen is proud to see her daughter happy finally and in her prime.

Marie Temara, 27, 6ft 2 taller than her fridge is 5ft 10 (compilation/PA Real Life)

He said, “We’ve always been a very long family.

“I was quiet and shy in school because I felt a difference in my height.

“But now, when I’m home with my family, I feel normal.

“It’s about you when they leave the house and ask you about your height or the weather there!”

Marie Temara, 27, on vacation in Arizona (compilation / PA Real Life)

He added, “I’m glad Mary is happy now.

“I am very proud that he is spreading such a positive message.”

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