Activists in Tijuana criticize President Lopez Obrador’s abandonment of deported Mexicans

Tijuana (Mexico), April 2 (EFE).- Activists in the US border city of Tijuana criticized this Tuesday Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s abandonment of Mexican migrants deported from the United States. .. They blame the lack of support, resources and opportunities for their reintegration into society.

The civil organizations Ángeles Sin Fronteras, SOS Migrantes and Alianza Migrante presented a report on the situation experienced by Mexican deportees, who they say have remained invisible amid the migration crisis at the border, for which they demanded that the López government immediately turn Obrador on this for the population.

Abandoned to fate

At the presentation of the report, José María García Lara, president of the Migrant Alliance in Tijuana, noted that every day and night, “Mexicans are being thrown from the United States to Mexico.”

Therefore, he asked that “the government understand that while we have to help other communities, we also have to help Mexican migrants because they cannot be left to their fate at the border.”

The activist emphasized that NGOs in Tijuana raised their voices about the situation, mainly demanding that “deported Mexican migrants should be taken care of, there should be comprehensive programs and more help for our community.”

García Lara added that “more attention is needed because they leave the United States for Mexico so that the government can receive them in this country” and specified that it is necessary to enter more resources for their care or to meet the demands they make. such as establishing a migrant welfare card.

Andres Manuel also ignored NGOs

For his part, the president of Sin Fronteras of Angeles, Sergio Tamai, recalled in an interview with EFE that “when President Andres Manuel came to power – in December 2018 – an official from the Ministry of Finance suspended the migrant fund, then we found López Obrador. We told him the situation and then incredibly the Migrant Fund didn’t come back.”

The activist accused the president of “insecurity of civil organizations” with this action, and based on this situation, “we offered migrants a welfare card to pay their expenses, but then there was no card and no funds.”

“The straw that broke the camel’s back is that they are now giving money to Central Americans who are being deported to their countries, and in the coming months they will give Venezuelan migrants $100 a month for eight months, and then Colombians.” ,” she said. .

And he asked, “How is it possible that you do not support the deported Mexicans who send us over 63,000 million dollars in remittances; Therefore, before you support the foreigners, support the displaced Mexicans, the crisis that is here in the shelters and for those who have this heavy burden, it is heroic,” he noted.

They send remittances and then meet on the street

This was added by José Luis Pérez Canchola, a member of the Mexican Academy of Human Rights, who said in an interview with EFE that the issue is “a matter of social justice and justice for the deportees”.

“Because if we recognize migrants when they’re in the United States as an important source of resources to talk about remittance issues, the question is, why aren’t there resources to help and support them when they’re deported?” – he demanded.

The human rights defender emphasized that if we are talking about social and economic justice, “I think it will be very easy to do, but we have intermediate and small officials who are not sensitive to it, the speech of the president was one from the beginning. on respecting the rights of migrants, but no action has been taken by the officials.”

Kanchola also believed that the law on refugees, the law on migration and the law on asylum should be reformed, “these are very late laws, they no longer correspond to the reality we live in now, and these laws should create public resources to attend to migration.”

“We have already said that of the millions of dollars coming into Mexico, Tijuana is the first municipality that has the highest receipt of remittances in the entire country, and in this sense, a large part will benefit migrants,” he noted.

Source: El Diario





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