Clashes between migrants and agents at the US-Mexico border

Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), April 2 (EFE).- A group of 30 migrants trying to cross the 36th border crossing between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, in the United States, received stones on Tuesday. A convoy of agents from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (INM).

The migrants claimed that they were harassed after Monday night and even claimed that the child was stabbed in the head.

INM agents did not repulse the attack, but forced the migrants to leave the site and escorted them along with a group of journalists, including EFE, to the east bank of the Rio Grande (Rio Grande in the US). About 10 kilometers.

Migrants from various countries took the opportunity to complain about the crimes committed against them and to demand the presence of humanitarian organizations.

Starting Monday, a team of more than 100 immigration agents arrived in the city and began an operation to prevent migrants from camping or settling on the banks of the Rio Grande.

This Tuesday morning, migrants were waiting to cross the Rio Grande when about 30 INM agents arrived in six vehicles and were met with stones and a verbal confrontation.

“Put me in a patrol car and cut my wrists, I’m tired of you robbing us!” – the migrant confronted the agents who accompanied them to the river bank.

During the tour, one of the women in the group fainted and one of them fell to the floor with a leg injury. Both were helped by other migrants.

“The same immigration agents handed us over to the cartel, robbed us, the immigration officers took my cousin’s ID and demanded 5,000 pesos (about $300) to get it back,” another migrant said during the fight.

Gay Mirazocar, a female doctor from Venezuela, said they were attacked by immigration agents on Monday night.

What the Mexican government is doing to us is outrageous. Immigration kidnapped me on the famous trip to La Fortuna, where they took 6,000 pesos (about $365) and my phone. The cartel got us, the state police arrested us, and they’re going to take your money and threaten you with deportation. “You pay,” said the professional.

According to him, he and his son, like other children of the contingent, have been without food and water for 6 days.

“When the press came, they started giving water to the children, one of them was hit on the head with a rock. You have to rely on the Mexican authorities, but here it is impossible. They dump in Tafachula, Belo Horizonte or Tabasco,” he said.

Alberto Rafael González Mendez, who also arrived from Venezuela 5 days ago, reported that during the confrontation, immigration agents threatened to take them to Tafachula, but when the press arrived, they avoided arrest.

“Emigration is chasing us, they stoned us last night. “They want to take us to Tafachula, they don’t give us a solution, we ask where they are going to deport us and they tell us where they want, because they are the authority,” said the Venezuelan during the walk. border.

The border between Ciudad Juárez and El Paso has been the epicenter of the migration flow since 2023, when Mexico reported a nearly 77% increase in illegal migration, with more than 782,000 undocumented aliens identified.

Source: El Diario

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