Miley admits she plays with dead dog every morning: ‘It looks so peaceful’

Javier Millay recalled his morning routine at the presidential residence in Olivos, a northern suburb of Buenos Aires. “Usually what I do is, I get in the golf cart as soon as I get up, I go see my four-legged kids, Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas… I’m with them for about an hour. . “Then I’ll come, take a shower and go to work.”

Andres Oppenheimer, an interviewer for CNN en Español, told him that he had read “somewhere that he had to be with one of them, because if he was with all four, they would fight.” “No, five: Conan, Murray, Milton, Rothbard and Lucas,” Miley claimed in the dialogue released Sunday.

Argentina’s president has explained the lingering doubts about what has become of his “little children”, whom he once called his “grandchildren”, for whom he professes unconditional love because, he says, they are among the few living beings he has never “betrayed”. . Only compared to her sister Karina and some others.

Since Millay took over the presidency of Argentina on December 10, there have been different versions of the animals, from the death of one or all of them to the delivery to another owner. The president explained that the delay in moving the English mastiffs to Olivos, a huge green underwater property, was because they were building separate kennels.

Upright, dogs weigh almost two meters, so a fight between them can lead to slaughter. When Miley lived in an apartment in Almagro, a densely populated neighborhood in Buenos Aires, they were kept in a room, tied to the floor by rope hooks long enough so they wouldn’t touch each other. This is how mastiffs went through the pandemic and became asocial, – writes journalist Juan Luis Gonzalez in the book. Crazy (Planet, 2023).

Ghost of Conan

What is unclear in Miley’s story is that Conan, whom she refers to as if she were alive, died in 2017, the year the Corporación América emporium began sponsoring his appearances on Channel America. The other disturbing factor is that the number of times he showed animals, there were four of them, and none of them were named Conan.

The dog’s initial death severely destabilized Miley, prompting her sister to seek help. That’s how Gustavo, an anarcho-capitalist wizard with whom Maile connected on Twitter, and later Celia Melamed, a mentalist who specialized in “interspecies communication,” he points out, appeared. Crazy.

Melamed trained Karina in this discipline. His powers, the “holistic therapist” said in a radio interview, allowed him to communicate with mosquitoes and make a deal: “If I don’t kill you, don’t bite me.” These arts allowed Miley to tap into Conan’s spirit and ease his suffering. From there, the specter of the animal was decisive in the presidential race, with pronounced barking from the outside.

A mentalist who trained Carina Millay said her powers allowed her to communicate with mosquitoes, making a pact: “If I don’t kill you, don’t bite me.”

Miley paid US genetic protection company Perpetuate $50,000 to clone Conan. The operation involves some brutality as many cells and embryos are destroyed until a living being is achieved.

Perpetuate information on its website who created five clones of Conan, the “dead dog” of the Argentine president. The geneticist who performed the surgery, Raymond Page, confirmed Online policy that the original animal died “a few years ago now”And that there were four clones.

Biographer Gonzalez to assesses the possibility that five dogs left a cloning company in Massachusetts and arrived in Buenos Aires in mid-2018, but one of them may have died shortly after landing.

In August 2018, Miley appeared in the TV studio with four puppies, until they became intractable entities. In the dialogue, she made it clear that Conan, who she said she slept in the same bed with, was older. Actually, he died. He was also photographed by the magazine on a couch with four animals Faces.

Interviews in the dark

During an interview with CNN en Español, Miley described her five “little children.” Murray is very affectionate, but he is very territorial. Conan looks very calm, but don’t provoke him. Milton, who is the biggest, measures two feet two meters, loves only women, that is, he is not stupid. Robert is very unruly, he’s always causing trouble, so he’s probably the one who most resembles me in personality and (besides) Conan. “Lucas is a bastard, he seems to be quick to anger and quick to satiate.”

Oppenheimer, a veteran journalist living in the United States, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1987, refrained from questioning and tried to unravel the unknowns caused by Miley’s relationship with her dogs.

The interview took place in the framework established by the Argentine far-right since taking office: in the office of the president, almost in darkness, for the needs of television, in a half-cut shot. These are the conditions the president has imposed to hide his double chin.

Robert is very unruly, always causing trouble, so he is probably the one who is most like me in personality.

Javier Millay

It is common knowledge in the journalistic community that Millay’s team is responsible for recording with their own equipment and that the final copy is provided with edited parts if necessary. This opinion was not confirmed by any channel that interviewed him.

Since he was president, Maylay participated several times a month in dialogues with the hyperofficial channel La Nación +, the newspaper of the same name, and several times less on TN, the Clarín Group, which also corresponds to the management of the ultraliberal economist. The president gave interviews to Clarín’s other media, several cycles streamHalf a dozen foreign radio stations and media, provided they are in his vicinity.

Salaries and pensions lost a third of their real value and inflation amounted to three records consecutively every month for more than three decades. The number of layoffs in the private and public spheres is counted in the tens of thousands, and dramatic cases such as the reduction of medicines and all kinds of state assistance are observed. The Millais government is cracking down on flagship programs of the Argentine state, such as nuclear energy for medical purposes. Public university and science systems are facing an unprecedented funding crisis, according to their government and top leaders.

However, the interviews with the Argentine president offer little tension, a relevant aspect for a man who, in his experience as a panelist, was usually angry and referred to his potential opponents as “son of a boy”, “stupid”. .” and “excrement,” or threatened to crush them.

Given the sensitivity Millay shows with her dogs, in-depth questions about Conan and her children can lead to unpredictable scenes.

Source: El Diario





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