This is what Gaza’s most important hospital looks like after the latest Israeli siege

A wasteland littered with ruined buildings, rubble and lifeless bodies. This is the trail of destruction left by Israeli forces in Gaza after abandoning Al Shifa, once the largest, most advanced and best-equipped referral hospital in the Palestinian enclave. Images released after the withdrawal show how the important medical complex has been reduced to rubble in the latest Israeli siege, charred buildings with chunks of walls missing as Gazans carry bodies wrapped around them as they gather at the scene. to inspect the damage and locate their belongings.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s army announced the withdrawal of its troops this Monday after a two-week attack on this hospital in the north of the territory, which was out of service. According to the Gaza government, at least 400 people were killed in and around Al Shifa, including a doctor and his son, also a doctor. Authorities in the Hamas-controlled Strip say they found bodies in the center that showed signs of execution, burning and decomposition. A death toll in a hospital setting can take days.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported last week that it was impossible to enter the hospital and that several health workers had been arrested and detained. “I repeat: hospitals must be respected and protected; “They should not be used as battlegrounds,” World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wrote on social network X (formerly Twitter) this Monday.

Israel claims to have “killed” about 200 “terrorists” and arrested 500 “linked to terrorist organizations”. “The forces found a large number of weapons and intelligence documents throughout the hospital, engaged the terrorists in hand-to-hand combat and engaged in combat while preventing harm to medical staff and patients,” the Israeli army said in a statement. Hamas and doctors have denied any armed presence at the hospitals, which have been one of the targets of an Israeli offensive that has lasted nearly six months, with thousands of Palestinians seeking refuge inside from Israeli bombardment and Israeli forces repeatedly storming the facilities.

According to Gaza authorities, since October 7, the day Hamas launched attacks on Israeli communities, 32,845 people have been killed, 1,200 killed and more than 200 kidnapped.

Source: El Diario





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