Anxiety among migrants at Mexico border over future of Texas law SB4

Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), April 1 (EFE).- Anxiety among migrants at the Mexico-US border is rising this Monday, ahead of a US court hearing that will analyze the effect of Texas’ anti-immigrant law SB4, which has caused crossing obstacles and despair in Ciudad Juarez ( Mexico)

Migrants told EFE that security at border crossing 36 between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso (US) has increased over the past 15 days, as there are more barbed wire and elements of the Texas National Guard, which they accuse of increasing aggression. and more equipment.

In addition, the threat of the Texas law SB4, which faces arguments this Wednesday before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which, if approved, would give Texas authorities the right to detain and deport aliens remains dormant.

“In the case of migrants, it concerns us a lot. “Imagine coming from Venezuela, crossing the jungle, crossing countries where we are at a lot of risk, coming to the United States hoping to cross, and this law (SB4) freezes us,” said Daniel Quintero, a former Venezuelan military officer. On the banks of the Rio Grande, known as the Rio Grande in the US

The migrant found it frustrating to cross so many countries and encounter obstacles such as a river of polluted water, barbed wire, a fence more than two meters high and a military barrier that prevents crossing into the United States except for the wall. .

“It’s quite dangerous. The military (Texas National Guard), anyway, they are military, I was a military man myself, I come from Venezuela, they are governed by rules, they follow orders. “We’re going to see how we get to the other side, that’s the goal,” he said.

An endless humanitarian crisis

The border between Juárez and El Paso has been the epicenter of migration flows since 2023, when Mexico reported a nearly 77% increase in illegal migration, with more than 782,000 undocumented aliens.

The tension began last year when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott erected a barbed wire fence that he refuses to remove despite a US Supreme Court ruling and is now trying to push through SB4 to allow state governments to crack down on immigration. Reserved for the federal government.

Colombia’s Carlos decried at the Rio Grande border that the treatment of migrants by Texas authorities is “violent and inhumane.”

“It shouldn’t be, because we are also human beings, like everyone else, they hit us more and more and they hit us from one side, they hit us from the other. Women are beaten, last night my daughter was beaten and this is injustice. “We are also people and we deserve an opportunity,” he said.

“There is no cross alternative”

Although Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his American counterpart, Joe Biden, expanded the legal means of migration, the Colombian migrant claimed that “there is no real alternative” because the immigration system does not work. The face of a large number of applicants.

“We wait six or seven months for a date that never comes and never comes. What to do? Given the consequences, we can only try to cross over, expose our children, expose our own lives,” said the migrant.

At Point 36 of the wall between Juarez and El Paso, there are makeshift tents with blankets and clothes as it has become a permanent camp.

A group of about 400 migrants last Thursday crossed 36 points by making holes in barbed wire and fences, where they confronted about twenty Texas National Guard agents guarding the site, prompting the site to be reinforced with infrastructure and surveillance. .

Source: El Diario





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