Trump is facing his Republican challenger in the South Carolina primary

Former United States President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in South Carolina this Saturday, moving him ever closer to being declared the official Republican candidate for next November’s presidential election.

According to the predictions of several American media, such as The New York Times or Fox News, 77-year-old Donald Trump won by a large margin over his rival Nikki Haley (52 years old), who thus lost in his own state, where. He probably had more support.

The New York Times gives Trump 61% of the vote to Haley’s 38%, while Fox gives Trump 64% to Haley’s 35%. Other media outlets give similar percentages, showing that South Carolina’s 50 delegates (the winner of that state gets all of them) will add to Trump’s delegate list, which has already won three states while Haley did not. no one.

Just an hour before the polls closed, Haley announced again that she is not leaving the race: “I’m not going anywhere. I will neither leave nor give up; “I fight and I win.”

He has said several times that he plans to extend the primaries until at least “Super Tuesday” on March 5, when more than 800 delegates will be redistributed and is considered the closing date for presidential nominations.

However, this Saturday’s defeat, especially bitter for him in a state where he also served as governor from 2011 to 2017, could change his mind.

Source: El Diario

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