The human rights commissioner calls for an end to the repression of migrant defenders in Europe

Paris, February 22 (EFE).- The European Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Miatovic, asks European states to end the “repression” of defenders of migrants and asylum seekers, in a report. which condemns violence, threats against him, as well as criminalization of his actions.

“This targeted policy violates the rights of civil society actors and the people they help,” Mijatovic said in a statement on Thursday, insisting that it “corrodes the democratic fabric of societies.”

Instead, he believes that “European governments should see human rights defenders as partners who can contribute to more effective and human rights-friendly asylum and migration policies.”

In his report, the commissioner discusses some of the problems faced by these people, such as “hostile and stigmatizing statements by government officials, parliamentarians and certain media” or “violence and threats” with a lack of response from the authorities.

It also notes “the criminalization of humanitarian work or the protection of the rights of refugees, asylum seekers or migrants due to the too broad application of migrant smuggling laws”.

Similarly, it finds denial of access to essential places so that they can monitor whether the rights of these groups are respected, such as detention centers or border areas.

Miatović, who ends his term next April, complains that in the current context of “repressive asylum and migration policies”, “militarized” and security-driven, states are “increasingly neglecting their obligation” to ensure that these human rights defenders can work. in a safe and comfortable environment.”

It emphasizes that this “repression” is carried out during rescue operations at sea, but also when they offer humanitarian aid or legal assistance, when they carry out border surveillance actions, carry out media coverage or dispute procedures.

Among the measures he considers urgent to remedy this situation, the European Commissioner cites the reform of laws, policies and practices that hinder their activities or ensure that laws against migrant smuggling do not penalize the protection of rights. Human rights or humanitarian aid.

Source: El Diario

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