A migrant minor, for whom Spain received a UN reprimand, remains without protection a week later

Every day, AA must leave the homeless shelter at eight o’clock in the morning, where he is only allowed to spend the night. Documents issued by Gambia and certified by the embassy claim that he is 14 years old, but neither the prosecutor’s office nor the public in Madrid trust them. Instead of going to school or hanging out with other teenagers, he can only wander the streets of Madrid, go to a soup kitchen or hang out at one of the NGOs that help him. He is the boy about whom Spain received a warning call from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, which requested his temporary admission to a juvenile center. A week after its decision, the boy is still without protection from the administration.

Following the United Nations resolution published on February 14 on “preventing irreparable harm to minors”, the RaĆ­ces Foundation, the organization that legally supports the boy, once again requested asylum for the teenager from the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office in Madrid, the public. Madrid and the Inter-Ministerial Commission for compliance with international agreements, in addition to other institutions.

Source: El Diario

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