They question the official number of migrants who died in the massacre in Mexico

Hermosillo (Mexico), February 21 (EFE).- This Wednesday, civil organizations questioned the official number of migrants who died in a massacre in the Mexican municipality of Sarich, in the state of Sonora, bordering the United States, where the authorities admit the death of three people. Foreigners in last week’s shooting.

Lawyers’ organization 1800Migrante reports that relatives of Ecuadorian Carina Ortega have confirmed the death of the woman, who was traveling with her husband, making the attack on Thursday, February 15, four people dead, but only on Monday.

So far, Sonora’s attorney general’s office has officially acknowledged only 10 injuries and the deaths of three migrants, now identified as Jonze, a four-year-old boy from Ecuador, and women Wendy from Honduras and Ana Vidal from Peru. .

The prosecutor’s office made the decision on Monday about the attack carried out by the alleged killers after 1800Migrante reported the alleged deaths of dozens of migrants.

In addition, the Humane Border Association, which operates between the borders of Sonora and Arizona (USA), said that migrants with gunshot wounds came to this humanitarian organization and said they survived the attack after fleeing into the desert and crossing the US border.

Similarly, the Justice Fund and other binational migrant aid organizations called for an “immediate, effective, impartial and comprehensive” investigation, as well as “accurate information on the number and nationality of the victims,” ​​in a statement from the General Prosecutor’s Office (FGR). .”

The attack involved a convoy of vans carrying migrants that had set off from La Reforma, a small town in Sonora less than 80 kilometers from the border.

According to the prosecutor’s office, there were a maximum of 14 people, but witnesses who spoke to 1800Migrante confirm that there were more than 50 people who filled the three vans.

“For the first time, we felt that the car fell behind us and the impact threw us off the road. They threw us into a small ravine, after that they turned on the light and some men got out and started shooting, there were machine gun explosions, they shot us,” Carlos from Peru told the lawyers’ organization.

Although six days have passed since the attack, there have been no official reports from the authorities and only informal statements in the media from the Attorney General of Justice in Sonora, Gustavo Romulo Salas, who denied the existence of 50 victims.

He also assured that the Mexican army had arrested 11 suspects for their alleged involvement in the attack, and also reported that there are three wounded men in the hospital who may be traffickers bringing undocumented immigrants across the border.

Source: El Diario





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