López Obrador acknowledges the increase in asylum requests from Mexicans in Canada

Mexico City, February 20 (EFE).- Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged this Tuesday that there is an increase in requests for asylum from Mexicans in Canada, but he ruled out that this was linked to organized crime. claims it is a matter under discussion with the Justin Trudeau government.

“There is an increase in asylum applications and we need to see if they are really people who need asylum or if this is a way to enter Canada,” the president said at a morning news conference.

The Mexican leader was referring to a request made last January by the head of the Quebec government, François Legault, who asked the Canadian government to once again require entry visas from Mexicans to stem the flow of refugees, which has grown to more than 60,000. in 2023.

This amount, according to Legott, is three times more per capita than in any Canadian province, which is why he described the situation as “unbearable”.

López Obrador, who dismissed press reports about a possible link between organized crime and the increase, said it was an issue they were discussing with the Canadian government.

He even revealed that Trudeau himself expressed this concern during a bilateral meeting they held in San Francisco, United States, in November 2023.

“He told me in a bilateral meeting with me in San Francisco that they had these concerns and we agreed there that the foreign ministers of Canada and Mexico were going to discuss this issue and there have already been several meetings about this and we are already taking action and an agreement is being made with Canada,” – he said.

In the same way, he said that they want to treat this issue “very respectfully”, in a spirit of cooperation and reaching an agreement, as he emphasized that the Canadian authorities “do not want to take unilateral measures that could affect Mexico.”

“And we are very grateful for that,” he emphasized.

Lego’s request is particularly relevant to Mexicans and Haitians, the two main groups of refugee claimants in 2023.

Canada has not required entry visas for Mexican nationals since 2016.

Official figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada indicate that between January and November 2023, 128,685 people arrived in Canada and claimed asylum. Of that number, 59,735 did so in Quebec.

From January to September 2023, Mexico had the most refugee claims, with 22,875, followed by Haiti, with 16,693. Colombia was in third place with 9,754 requests.

Last year, Washington also asked Ottawa to re-require entry visas for Mexicans, given that many Mexican nationals arrive in Canada to then travel to the United States. EFE



Source: El Diario





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