Marine Le Pen signs for Europeans the former director of Frontex, accused of tolerating violence during his mandate.

France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) party has signed the former director of the European agency in charge of border control with Frontex, Fabre Legery, to be number three on its list for Europe. Elections in June.

In an interview published this week Le Journal du Sunday, Léger, who is 55 and headed Frontex from 2015 to 2022, explains that by jumping into politics, his aim is to “put (his) experience and my knowledge at the service of the French”. As for the choice of the RN, he justifies it because he says he is “convinced that it is an option that will give the French the opportunity to regain control of their future”.

In his opinion, Le Pen’s party “stands out for its courage and insight in correctly identifying problems and proposing adapted solutions.” For this formation, which is now led by the young Jordan Bardella – who will be the head of the list for the European elections – the fight against immigration was and remains its main political argument.

In this regard, Léger asserts that “our goal is to restore control of the borders, both the EU and French borders. An RN has a specific plan and the ability to execute it.”

Attacks against the European Commission

“We are determined,” he adds, “to fight the migration sink, which neither the European Commission nor the Eurocrats see as a problem, but as a project: I can testify to that.”

Some comments were denied by Brussels on Monday. Community Home Affairs spokesperson Anita Hipper explained at the community’s daily press conference that “Legher’s statements about Europe’s migration policy are incorrect.” As for the fact that he intends to present himself as part of the far-right party, the same spokesperson recalled that the commission “does not comment on the candidacy decisions of persons involved in the election campaign.”

During his tenure, Legere was accused of tolerating the rapid return of immigrants. His resignation in April 2022 came after OLAF, the European anti-fraud office, launched a disciplinary investigation into failing to follow procedures, disloyalty to the EU and mismanagement of his teams.

“Resolved differences with the past management of the agency, which is included in the OLAF investigation, showed that there was a need for new management that can do the job properly,” recalled the public representative. He appreciated that the new management, which will lead Frontex from March 2023, is carrying out its mandate with “competence, transparency and integrity”, which “marked a new beginning” for the agency.

Bardella’s support

Bardella, the president of the national rally, showed his support for Léger, saying he was “forced to resign” from the leadership of Frontex and “abandoned by Macron because he acted against the sinking of Europe”.

Bardella’s candidacy is clearly the favorite to finish in first place in the June elections. Polls give him around 30% of the vote, 10 percentage points higher than his immediate successor, the Bloc that supports French President Emmanuel Macron.

Source: El Diario





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