An MSF ship rescued another 37 people en route to the Italian port of Bari

Rome, February 19 (EFE).- The humanitarian ship Geo Barents of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) rescued another 37 migrants in the central Mediterranean this Monday, as it headed to the Italian port of Bari (South) to disembark 80 survivors. In addition to the two bodies found at sea over the weekend.

The rescue took place at dawn when they intercepted the fiberglass boat carrying the men, who claimed to have been at sea for at least four days.

Some of them needed medical attention on board because they were “very weak” and two were taken to hospital in Malta.

“This represents a very difficult situation faced by migrants seeking safety on a route where their lives and health can be seriously affected,” said the head of the Geo Barents Mission, Juan Matias Gil.

This is the third rescue from the MSF ship in the past 24 hours, after two “complex operations” that already have 121 migrants on board.

The crew of a humanitarian ship rescued more than 60 people who were in danger on a boat that was found lifeless after being alerted by a distress call, a group offering help to migrants crossing the sea to Europe.

They later rescued twenty more migrants stranded on an oil rig.

The Italian authorities, despite the NGO’s request to be granted a nearby port, allowed the Geo Barentsi to go to the bar as part of its already frequent “distant ports” policy.

Source: El Diario





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