Borelli on the Gaza war: “The only solution is to release the hostages”

How to stop the killing in Gaza. This is one of the issues that, together with the war in Ukraine, worries the European Union most in the face of constant attacks by Israel, which increasingly ignores the calls of the international community. Josep Borrell, one of the most vocal leaders against Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime, admitted this Monday that Hamas must release the hostages it captured during the October 7 attacks as a necessary demand.

“The only solution is to release the hostages. “We cannot expect the military operation to stop if the hostages are still being held,” the European diplomat said after arriving at a meeting with EU foreign ministers: “A solution that must start with an agreement to release the hostages.” and immediately – or at the same time – cessation of hostilities”.

We must put pressure on the release of the hostages, but at the same time we must put pressure on Israel,” added the senior official, who emphasized that “there are many people in the streets of Rafar and if an attack is carried out. A military attack will be impossible to avoid civilian casualties.”

The European Union called on Netanyahu to call off the plan to attack Rafah, saying it would “worse the already catastrophic humanitarian situation and prevent the immediate delivery of essential services and humanitarian aid”. “The EU reiterates the importance of protecting all civilians at all times in accordance with international humanitarian law and respecting the legally binding order of the International Court of Justice of 26 January,” the statement said. Issued only by Borrell when he failed to reach a consensus of 27. Hungary left the consensus.

For his part, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez called on Borrell to assess the situation in Palestine in line with the letter from Pedro Sánchez and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for the EU to study. Whether to suspend the Association Agreement with Israel due to human rights violations.

“I’m going to ask him and I’m going to set up a debate to make that assessment happen and at the next Foreign Affairs Council.” [el 18 de marzo] , we have an assessment, a report and certain conclusions in this regard,” said Albares. Diplomatic sources acknowledge the difficulty of reaching a consensus on this issue, but consider it necessary to consider the issue as a form of pressure.

Although he said he would speak out on the issue “soon,” he admitted he does not yet have a position. “But how should we study if he arrived two days ago, please,” he answered reporters.

Spain, one of the hardest-line countries on Israel, will “individually” impose sanctions on extremist settlers in the West Bank if the 27 do not reach a deal they have resisted.

EU foreign ministers will meet in Brussels with the widow of Russian adversary Alexei Navalny, whose death has shocked European governments, which have blamed Vladimir Putin squarely. Borrell has proposed changing the name of the EU sanctions regime to bear Navalny’s name and is also confident that there will be new sanctions for the death.

“Member countries will propose sanctions, no doubt, against those responsible, well, Putin himself is responsible, but we can move on to the institutional structure of the prison system in Russia. But we must not forget who is really responsible for Navalny’s death,” Borel concluded.

Source: El Diario





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