MSF ship sails in Mediterranean with 80 migrants and 2 bodies after two rescues.

Rome, February 18 (EFE).- The humanitarian ship Geo Barents is floating with more than 80 survivors and two corpses in the Mediterranean after “two difficult rescue operations”, the ship’s owner Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has revealed. Sunday..

“Last night, our team witnessed a new tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea. More than 80 people were saved during two difficult operations. One person was found dead and the other died on board the Geo Barents. 3 people are missing,” the non-governmental organization wrote on the social network.

The crew of a humanitarian ship rescued 60 people traveling on a vessel in danger “and in which unfortunately one person was found dead” after being alerted by Alarm Phone, a group that offers help to migrants crossing the sea and leaving. Europe.

“Following instructions from the Italian authorities to coordinate with the Tunisian authorities, the Geo Barents proceeded to the oil platform where 19 people in distress were rescued,” the NGO explained.

The survivors explained that their boat “started to take on water, so they swam to the oil platform to save themselves,” and “in the boat, in the boat, three people” who were traveling with them were stranded and missing. .

“We fear for their lives and demand that the authorities look for them,” Alarm Phone asked.

MSF explained that “all survivors are recovering and receiving treatment in Geo Barents after this traumatic experience.

“We request them to come to the nearest safe place to guarantee a dignified burial for the dead and adequate and prompt care for the survivors,” the NGO added.

Source: El Diario





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