Borrell proposes that the US stop supplying arms to Israel

“We need to do more than express concern,” Josep Borrell said of the dramatic situation in the Gaza Strip. The head of European diplomacy has indicated the need to stop the supply of arms to Israel and in particular refers to the United States after Joe Biden criticized the actions of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Besides speaking, what else do you think there is to do?” If you think the death toll is too high, do you have the ability to reduce it?” the top official asked himself before attending an informal meeting of development ministers. Borel answered journalists’ questions about the arms embargo: “The European Union does not supply weapons to Israel; Others, yes.”

And he insisted again: “If you think the death toll is too high, you can do something to reduce it.” Borrell previously recalled that the US president himself questioned Israel’s actions in Gaza, admitting that “operations are not proportionate” and that “they are excessive”.

Although there is no unified position in the 27 regarding the conflict in the Middle East and there are countries such as Spain, Belgium or Ireland that want a tougher position towards Netanyahu and demand, for example, a ceasefire. He continued, raising his tone.

Borrell also voiced one of the EU’s concerns: the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House. Relations with the United States were badly damaged during his tenure, and there are now significant fears of his return because of the geopolitical consequences it could have, especially as support for Ukraine would completely disappear.

Trump has caused a lot of discomfort in recent hours by saying that he is “encouraging” Vladimir Putin to attack NATO member states that do not meet their military spending obligations (2% of GDP). Spain, for example, does not comply.

“We will see a lot in this campaign,” Borrell warned: “Let’s be serious, NATO cannot be an à la carte military alliance. “This cannot be a military alliance that depends on the mood of the president of the United States.”

European Council President Charles Michel called Trump’s words “reckless” and accused him of serving Putin’s “interests”. According to him, these statements “re-emphasize the need for the EU to urgently develop its strategic autonomy and invest in its defense”.

“Any suggestion that allies will not protect each other undermines all of our security, including that of the United States, and puts American and European soldiers at greater risk,” NATO Secretary General Jens said. Stoltenberg.

Source: El Diario





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