Borrell regrets the US veto of the ceasefire and defends “humanitarian pauses to make the situation less dire”.

The US veto at the UN on the demand for a cease-fire in Gaza came as a shock to some EU countries, such as Spain, which along with Malta, Belgium and Ireland had called for the demand to be a common position. 27 at the door of the European Council, where the conflict in the Middle East will be at one of the tables. The US decision did not go down well with the high representative, Josep Borrell, who expressed regret but, aware of the rift within the EU, lowered expectations and called for “serial pauses to make the humanitarian situation less dire”.

The foreign minister made the announcement after meeting foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, where they will open a debate on imposing sanctions on extremists inciting violence in the West Bank, in line with Washington. implemented and also by strengthening Hamas, which the European Union considered a terrorist organization since 2007. The intent is to target its leaders and short-circuit their funding.

Borrell, who along with European Council President Charles Michel has been one of the most critical voices against Israel in European institutions, warned Benjamin Netanyahu’s government that it “must not use the same tactics in the south. that used in the north of Gaza; But he admitted that “the same or worse” is happening. “Citizen deaths continue to rise,” he laments.

In addition, he assured that it is “difficult” to say that Gazans should not be driven from their land at a time when “people are taking refuge from bombs and looking for shelters, but there are no shelters in Gaza.”

For his part, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez assured that Spain would maintain a “sustainable” ceasefire in the face of the “catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza” so that “European cooperation” is available to civilians. He also insists on the need for a peace conference. “We must not only stop the spiral of violence as soon as possible and therefore call for a cease-fire, but we must think about the next day,” said Albarez, who explained that this would be the way to ensure that. That violence will “never again” be revealed.

Source: El Diario

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