Pablo Stefanoni, extreme right-wing expert: “Buenos Aires with Maile will be a mecca for figures like Abascal”

“The state is a pedophile with children chained up in kindergarten and bathed in Vaseline.” The phrase was coined by Javier Millay, a self-proclaimed “General Encap” – an anarcho-capitalist who hails from “Liberland, the land created by the principle of original human appropriation.” The mission of this rookie general? Kick the ass of the Keynesians and collectivist bastards. Be that as it may, Millay has been elected president of Argentina since November 19 of last year and will lead this “pedophile in kindergarten” from December 10.

Pablo Stefanon, journalist, Argentine historian and author of a thought-provoking book Has the rebellion turned right? (Siglo XXI Editores) analyzes from France the unprecedented scenario that unfolds in Argentina after, for the first time in its history, the arrival of an outsider in the Casa Rosada.

Source: El Diario





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