Chaos in Europe: we haven’t seen this type of snow for many years

Europe has been covered in a thick layer of snow in recent days. It snowed so much in places that life in more than one country was disrupted.

Global chaos also occurred in neighboring Poland, as it had been snowing non-stop for several days. During the night and early Sunday morning, some trains were delayed by more than six hours, and others were canceled altogether.

Nearly 90 cm of snow was measured around Krakow. A thick layer of snow also covers the lowlands of southern Poland. The snow caused a difficult situation on the roads and even at Krakow airport, where many flights were delayed and some were canceled altogether.

The situation in Germany is even more complicated. All flights were suspended at Munich airport after the winter storm hit southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Trains to and from Munich Central Station were also suspended. Some travelers from Munich and the neighboring city of Ulm spent Friday night catching trains due to a train breakdown.

Munich police said they had to deal with 350 snow-related incidents between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

A video of a private plane unable to take off from Munich airport has gone viral on social media.

Snow also blanketed parts of the UK, causing chaos for drivers and cutting power to more than 2,500 people. population.

“I managed to light the firewood. We have wood stoves in the house as the heating doesn’t work. So this way at least some heat is generated and I can boil some water,” said the local resident.

The storm was stronger than expected and people were advised to stay home on Sunday. Heavy snowfall in northern England has forced drivers to seek shelter or spend the night in their cars. Firefighters and emergency workers worked throughout the night to free the residents.

“We haven’t seen this kind of snow for 60 years. There have been very heavy snowfalls in the past, according to my 82-year-old father. But yes, it’s an exceptional thing,” he said. declared another resident.

Already on Saturday, the English hoped to overcome the winter and organized a rally competition, but this also had to be urgently interrupted due to heavy snowfall.

“Everyone joins hands, pushes, pulls, pulls the cars. I myself drove uphill at a speed of 1 km/h, it was like riding a sled,” said the man interviewed by the journalists.

For now, forecasters say the snow will no longer leave Europe.

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