Saviano: “Spain’s future, if something goes wrong, is Italy”

Italian writer Roberto Saviano, who rose to fame with his book Gomorrah (2006), presents his latest novel in Spain: The Brave Are Alone (anagram), in which he tells the life of an anti-mafia judge. Giovanni Falcone died in 1992 in an explosion in the car he was traveling in with his wife and three bodyguards.

In an online press conference organized by the publisher after the arrival of his book in bookstores on the 15th, Saviano said that the novel was “the most difficult test he has passed: “the ability to speak the most brilliant mind. to face the issue of organized mafia crime”. The writer recreated Falcone’s days and dialogues, feelings and emotions thanks to various documentary sources and without “fantasy”, as he explained.

After the death of Falcone and other magistrates, there were “many victories” in the fight against the mafia in Italy. “This is something that has never happened in France or Spain, because in these countries the death is a guilty death, not an innocent death, on the side of justice,” said Saviano, who added that the number of “innocent deaths” is high. Made politics and public opinion more aware and mobilized. However, “Italy continues to be a land of mafia calling”, according to this great mafia expert who has been threatened and escorted for nearly two decades for dissecting and publicly denouncing these secret organizations.

“When I talk about calling, I mean that the instinct of economics, of contracts, always leads to this logic: look for an agreement, look for an intermediary, look for a shortcut, look for a strong person to protect you. “Mafia culture is still deeply hegemonic,” he said.

“Mafia totalitarianism”

According to Saviano, in the second half of the 20th century, the closeness between Italy’s largest party, Christian Democracy, and mafia organizations caused Italy to become “a democracy with a mafia totalitarianism, a mafia dictatorship”. And, according to him, “dictatorship is difficult to study, because we know that in dictatorships, when the tyrant falls, society opens up. In mafia dictatorships, tyrants are constantly falling and renewing themselves in Darwinian fashion; They transform, but they never cut themselves.”

“When Falcone is killed, Italian democracy has an explosion, but also an important response: [la mafia siciliana] Cosa Nostra “He has his head cut off and is entering a crisis because his mistake has attracted a lot of attention,” said Saviano, who added that this mistake by the organization that killed an anti-mafia judge “forced the need for total repression, which is obvious. Reaction at judicial, social, moral level”.

But since then, a lot has changed in Italy: “The mafias have decided to stop their terrorist strategy: they no longer attack the state frontally. The state bought it. Earlier it was also sold and when there was resistance, it was disappointing. Not now,” the author explained. And this change in strategy has also come about thanks to “the fight against the mafia of civil society”, especially in Sicily. “But the economic power of criminal organizations is enormous and they can count on a new ally: the indifference of Europe,” warned Saviano.

He highlighted the case of Spain, where the election campaign of last July did not talk about mafias, although “Spain is full, but the Spanish talk about security and crime in general, and this makes organizations feel safe and invest.” with complete security in these countries.” According to Saviano, this is because “only blood drives people”, when gangsters kill prominent people like Falcone, then “public opinion demands a transformation from politics”.

Saviano vs. Meloni and Salvin

At the press conference, Saviano made no secret of his animosity towards the far-right head of the Italian government, Giorgia Meloni, who took the writer to court for calling him a “bastard” on a TV show for his anti-immigration stance. – and his Fratelli d’Italia party, which, according to the author, “has not committed any behavior other than rhetoric against the criminal economy.” “We are very bad (with Mellon’s government); The previous governments were not better either,” he lamented.

He also spoke of years of open conflict with Matteo Salvini, the current vice president of the executive branch, whom he faces in court next week. “He is one of the most dangerous politicians in Europe,” he said. “Really authoritarian politicians attack writers, intellectuals, this is to say: whoever speaks, whoever criticizes, is a traitor.” Saviano assured that the essence of the message is: “Either you write without a position against the government, or your projects will not be funded”, and the proof of this is the fact that Italian public radio and television canceled the Mafia program, “The Insider”. “It was already recorded, it was ready, and it was blocked. They blocked the program about mafias, it says a lot about what [tipo de] The country is Italy.”

“This is Italy, a country where democracy is a glove, inside is a country ravaged by corruption, a slow and complicated judicial system, an economy that is always dependent on the executive. “Films are made if the government allocates money, projects go if the government allows it, there is no free initiative without the support and protection of the government,” he explained and warned European countries to analyze what is happening in Italy, because “the future of Spain, if something goes wrong, It is Italy. “France’s future, if things go wrong, is Italy.” “If you don’t see it, you don’t understand what’s happening (in Europe),” he added.

Regarding the experience in his country, where the anti-immigration policy was one of the trump cards of Salvin and Mellon, the writer said: “The extreme right cannot answer for taxes, employment, wage growth, economic management of big people. Companies that manage to avoid (paying taxes) in tax havens and therefore angry public opinion, with little purchasing power, less social security, present a great enemy: immigrants. And immigrants, Saviano emphasized, “also serve as an answer to crime.” He once again gave us an example of our country: “No Nigerian who trades in Madrid can sell cocaine without the consent of Spanish drug traffickers or those responsible in Spain.”

“The anti-immigration discourse of the extreme right is the perfect propaganda: a card that can be played everywhere, knowing that it is a winner, because it is very easy,” he concluded, referring to all European countries with ultra parties. to lift.

Source: El Diario





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