Borel, in Israel: “I understand your anger, but let me ask you not to be angry.”

Josep Borrell was one of the European leaders who took the toughest stance on Israel, which he accused of violating international law over its siege of the Gaza Strip. Now, as the top representative of the European Union, he has made a trip to the Middle East, with the first stop in Israel, where he will not be received by the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as he did in the case of the President of the European Union. European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The one who met with the head of diplomacy on the 27th was Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, before whom Borrell defended the need for “immediate humanitarian pauses” to get humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

“I understand your anger, but let me ask you not to be angry,” said the top official, who began his speech by saying he volunteered to break the ice on a kibbutz 40 years ago and even said. He went there where he met his first wife. “I understand the fear and pain of people who have been attacked or kidnapped,” he said during a visit to Kibbutz Ber, one of those attacked by Hamas.

“I understand your anger, but let me ask you not to be angry,” said Borrell, who admitted that he did not write it on paper, but said it “from the bottom of his heart.” “That’s what Israel’s best friend can say,” he added.

“What separates a civilized society from a terrorist group is respect for human life, and all human lives have the same value,” the top official added, as Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip followed Hamas attacks that killed more than 11,500 people and injured nearly 30,000.

Borelli intends to leave his journey to seed the day after the war. “We saw that walls, technology, soldiers are not enough to make Israel safe,” he said, before recalling that peace is necessary for security. “At some point we have to see how this war ends,” he said. This peace, for the EU, implies a two-state solution.

And Borrell has put on the table a plan to reject the Israeli re-occupation of the Gaza Strip, piloted by the Palestinian Authority, which the EU knows they must support.

Source: El Diario





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