Many were killed and dozens injured after an Israeli attack on an ambulance convoy and the area surrounding the hospital

This Friday, Israel attacked a convoy of ambulances near Gaza’s largest hospital complex, al-Shifa, and an Indonesian hospital. The blast killed 13 and injured 26 in al-Shifa, according to the health ministry in Gaza, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

The Red Crescent explained that the vehicles were part of a mission to transport the wounded to the Rafah border in Egypt as part of an evacuation that began on Wednesday. The Israeli army claimed responsibility for the airstrike on the ambulances, claiming they had been used by Hamas. “We have information that confirms the Hamas method of carrying weapons in ambulances,” the spokesman said, according to The Guardian, which also claims some “terrorists” were killed in the bombing. The Israel Defense Forces reiterated that the area is a “combat zone” and that civilians must be evacuated south for “their own safety.”

The Red Crescent condemned the attack through its X Report, explaining that its workers had escaped unharmed: “Our colleagues were miraculously saved.” The organization stated in detail that at around 16:30 local time, “the Israeli occupation forces carried out an airstrike on al-Rashid Street, in the western part of Gaza.”

A new attack near an Indonesian hospital

There was also a new attack near an Indonesian hospital located north of Gaza, with no reports of casualties or injuries yet. According to AlJazeera, the director of the center, Atef al-Kahlout, said that the facility has received about fifty dead and wounded, many of them minors. The head of the hospital pointed to the huge shortage of the center and asked the international community to protect the medical convoy that will leave for the Rafah crossing tomorrow.

Qatar Network was able to compile images of the moment of the attack, in which several people can be seen frantically searching through the rubble.

The latest tally released by the Gaza Strip Health Ministry, which is controlled by the Hamas political group, this Friday morning raised the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza since the start of the war to 9,257 and the number of wounded to 23,516.

Source: El Diario





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