“Palestinian life is not worth less than Ukrainian”: MEPs demand that Parliament condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza

Although a formal debate on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has yet to take place, various voices in the European Parliament have criticized the institution’s position on Israel’s attacks on Gaza, after several leaders expressed support for Israel following the Hamas attack: “Palestinian lives are not worth less than Ukrainian ones”; “Parliament must send a clear message that all war crimes are unacceptable,” said some MEPs in the chamber.

In the debate session scheduled for this Monday, various MEPs took the opportunity to put on the table the EU’s position on the conflict between Palestine and Israel, which has already left thousands dead. After the Hamas attack, Israel responded by besieging the Gaza Strip, cutting off supplies and forcing civilians to leave the area. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Parliament President Roberta Mezzola have come out in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sparking criticism that has been mounting in recent days.

One such criticism is that of Manu Pineda (United Left), head of the European Parliament’s delegation to Palestine. “Israel is bombing the civilians of Gaza,” he began from his chair. Pineda noted that Netanyahu’s government has imposed an “absolutely illegal siege regime” blocking supplies.

“President [de Israel] “The one you met last week to support said it’s total war,” the MEP added at a meeting Mezzola and von der Leyen held with Isaac Herzog to show their support. “You met him to support him, but you cannot do it on behalf of this parliament,” he added. According to Pineda, the parliament should discuss the situation in the region, “a situation that is a holocaust for the Palestinian population.” “We cannot have a moment of silence for the victims of Israel and not do the same for the Palestinians.

Another intervention in the same direction during the debate, titled “Heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel, Israel’s right to defend itself in accordance with humanitarian and international law and the humanitarian situation in Gaza”, was by politician Mark Bottengah. Belgian Labor Party. In his statement, Botenga supports Hamas’s condemnation of the attack, but recalled that “since then, 725 children have been killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza.” “The UN Special Representative for the Occupied Territories said that in the name of self-defense, Israel might try to justify what would lead to ethnic cleansing. “We’ve seen Israeli government officials talk along these lines,” he added.

The MEP from the left-wing group also appealed to the president of the Commission: “Ursula von der Leyen did not even ask Israel for the most important things: for example, respect for international humanitarian law.” Parliament must send a clear message that all war crimes are unacceptable. Be it in the name of Israel, be it in the name of Hamas. A Palestinian life is worth no less than a Ukrainian life,” he concluded.

Left-wing MEP Mick Wallace also spoke about the children who died in the conflict. “According to UN data, 545 children died during 500 days of war in Ukraine. According to figures from Gaza, Israel’s apartheid has killed up to a thousand children in ten days. And our President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament went to Israel to support Israel’s attack on the Palestinians. “European leaders have become complicit in Israel’s war crimes,” he said from his seat.

Source: El Diario

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