An alarm has been raised in northern Israel over the possible infiltration of enemy drones from Lebanon

The Israeli army announced a possible “infiltration of Lebanese airspace”. The alarm was sounded in the north bordering Lebanon, from where the Shiite militia Hezbollah operates. Israel Armed Forces Radio GLZ reported this That’s about 15 drones.

Authorities ordered residents of communities on the border between Lebanon and Syria to go into shelters and close doors and windows.

Ignacio Alvarez-Osorio, a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at Complutense University, says he would not be surprised if Hezbollah joins the current war in some way. “This is the main fear of Israel, because they know that Hezbollah has rearmed and has technology that it did not have in the 2008 war. So they send a large part of their forces to the north of Israel to try to recruit them. to open another front. But if things get ugly, whatever they’re going to do, they won’t hesitate to get involved.”

Netanyahu must know that this struggle is not only the struggle of the people of Gaza and the West Bank, but the responsibility of all our people in the Islamic and Arab nations requires us not to be neutral. And we’re not,” Hashem Safi al-Din, director of the Lebanese militia’s executive council, which it designated as a terrorist group like Hamas, said on Sunday. “The resistance sent a greeting this morning to the Palestinian resistance, and we say that this message must be carefully considered by Israelis.”

Since the brutal Hamas offensive began last Saturday, clashes have escalated in the north, with several episodes of crossfire, rocket fire and even Israeli bombing of Lebanese territory. Several Hezbollah fighters have been killed these days.

Source: El Diario





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