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Ukraine denounced Western mediocrity. Class reigns without leadership qualities

When prime ministers from three central European countries left for Kyiv in mid-March, Slovenian prime minister Janez Janša joined the Polish and Czech prime ministers. The Slovak Prime Minister, whose relations with the two countries have been much more intense for a long time, was absent. After the visit made an impression, Eduard Heger regretted that he had decided otherwise today. And how did he decide then? He consulted the security forces. They did not recommend the trip. And he obeyed them.

In other words, he did everything right.

Isn’t that exactly how we want politicians to go today? If the executive does not have the opinion of lawyers or experts on any of its actions, it risks being dragged into court. Heger turned to the experts he needed to consult. They followed their job description – to assess the security risk. Heger accepted their position. Everyone did what they had to do. If he does anything else, he is in danger, whereas if he respects the rules, nothing will happen to him. Except that the result is unprecedented. For the decision, which then, ex post, was experienced by all as embarrassing, as if no one was responsible for personal, human responsibility.

It is an extreme situation, but at the same time an eloquent image of the way we are governed. In its background we can see the logical result of the ideal model of the European Union – a fully automated state, where the rules are decided, if possible without the touch of a human hand.

We are dealing with only one reason why political leadership in European countries is often so weak.

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