Hundreds of people have been killed in Israel and Gaza as the biggest conflict in decades continues into a second day

The latest death toll from the subsequent escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians is 300 dead on the Israeli side and 1,864 injured, 19 of whom are in critical condition and 326 are in serious condition; Meanwhile, 313 Gazans were killed, including 20 children, and 1,990 were injured.

Although the Israeli army confirmed at least 26 dead, civilians on both sides bore the brunt. Many in Israel were killed in a massive attack by the Palestinian group Hamas earlier yesterday, launching thousands of rockets from the air and storming militia positions. The television aired testimonies of civilians whose relatives were kidnapped by Hamas gunmen and whose fate is unknown. It is not yet known how many civilians and soldiers, dead and alive, are in the hands of the Palestinian group and have been transferred to the Gaza Strip.

This week, Israeli troops regained control of 29 locations in southern Israel that were seized by Hamas yesterday, but fighting continues with Palestinian militias at some points they gained access to yesterday after destroying part of the Gaza Strip that separates Gaza from Israel and infiltrated. Many nearby towns.

Israel’s border police chief, Amir Cohen, welcomed the fact that security forces had regained control of a police station in the town of Sderot, near Gaza, which was attacked on Saturday.

Bombings of Gaza

The people of the Strip are facing retaliation from the Israeli army, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last night would use “all its might to destroy Hamas’ capabilities”. “We will destroy them and avenge with force this dark day they have brought upon the State of Israel and its citizens,” he warned in a televised speech.

After intense overnight bombing of Gaza, Netanyahu said this morning that his country is in a “long and difficult war”. The first phase of the war involves “destroying most of the enemy forces” that have invaded Israel; Meanwhile, the offensive against Gaza “will continue without hesitation and without pause until the objectives are achieved,” he explained via the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Israel’s military said it had struck more than 400 targets in the strip believed to belong to the Islamist group Hamas. However, residential buildings were also bombed and Israeli forces asked residents to leave. “Hamas’ operations force the Israeli army to operate in residential areas. For your own safety, you must leave it immediately,” a military spokesman said.

Northern Front

In addition, the Israeli military also bombed southern Lebanon with drones in the disputed Cheba Farms area after the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah fired several mortars into Israel in support of a Hamas operation in southern Israel.

Hezbollah reported mortar and guided missile attacks on three positions in Israeli territory, saying the attacks were “on the way to liberating the remnants of our occupied Lebanese land and in solidarity with the victorious Palestinian resistance.” The fighting and patient Palestinian people.”

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that several villages “were targeted by violent Israeli artillery bombardment”. “Enemy’s army [de Israel] bombed the occupied regions after announcing that its positions in Chebaa and Jabal al-Sheikh were targeted for bombing from inside Lebanon,” he wrote.

Source: El Diario





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