The second fire in a week at a factory belonging to the Iranian Defense Ministry

A fire broke out at an automobile battery factory owned by Iran’s Defense Ministry on Thursday for the second time in less than a week, state media reported.

No one was injured in the fire that broke out in a plastic waste area, according to ABC News, according to Iranian state television.

Iranian news sites published photos and videos showing a plume of black smoke rising into the sky north of the capital, Tehran.

Iran’s regular army and paramilitary Revolutionary Guards operate several factories across the country, many of which produce civilian goods.

There have been a number of fires and other disasters at Iranian military installations over the years, and Tehran often blames its archenemy Israel for the sabotage. Last month, Iran claimed that Israel had attempted to sabotage its ballistic missile program using substandard foreign explosive components.

Iran has been subject to severe Western sanctions for several years, preventing it from importing various devices and spare parts, forcing it either to manufacture them itself or to buy them on the black market. This is believed to be the reason for the increase in industrial accidents in Iran.

The Postedia recalls that Russia regularly attacks Ukraine with Iranian drones. The Guardian reported this week that the drones also have many European spare parts, according to a secret document given by kyiv to the G7 countries.

Among other things, Ukraine offers its allies “to strike drone factories in Iran, Syria and a potential production site in Russia,” the document says. As the newspaper reports, kyiv is asking its partners for long-range missiles to carry out strikes.

“This can be implemented by the Defense Forces of Ukraine if partners provide the necessary means to carry out the strike,” the report said.

Source: The Delfi

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