The Russians didn’t even try to publish the obvious fake

The administration of the Yanaul district of the Republic of Bashkiria in Russia has published an apparently inauthentic photo in which a fighter from the Dostavalov battalion, Artur Sultangaliyev, allegedly received a medal from the hands of military commissar Marat Charisov.

The photo shows very obvious signs of retouching: the image of the man appears to have obviously been pasted onto the photo. “The Insider” talks about it.

According to the report, A. Sultangaliyev received the medal from the hands of the Yanaul city commissioner M. Charisov – this is an award given by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to a “participant in a special military operation. However, as journalists point out, when attention was drawn to the mentioned publication, it was immediately deleted.

Janaul’s administration didn’t even try to edit the photo. An administration representative responded to the comment that the Photoshop program was extremely poorly managed: “Yes, for some reasons it had to be done…”

According to official information from Russian officials, in January 2023, A. Sultangaliev was injured and ended up in the hospital, where he died, but the date of death is unknown. The edited photo was published on July 18, and the Russian’s death was not officially announced until September 25.

Bashkiria officials later clarified the story with the photo editing program, saying that the participant in the war in Ukraine came to the awards ceremony alone, but she was wearing shorts and slippers, it is why it was decided to “dress up”. she in uniform.

Source: The Delfi

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