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The New York Times reports that a Ukrainian missile mistakenly hit a market, killing 17 people.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mijailo Podoliak said on Tuesday that authorities in Kiev are investigating the impact of a missile on a market in the Ukrainian city of Kostantinovka that killed 17 people on September 6. The New York Times indicated the possibility that the missile was mistakenly fired by Ukraine.

An investigation into the images and other evidence of the attack released today New York Times It indicates the possibility that the missile that hit the market was not launched by Russia, but by Ukraine. The missile mistakenly hit a civilian area of ​​the city of Kostantinovka in eastern Ukraine, and according to a US newspaper, it appears to have been an air defense missile fired by a Buk launcher that missed its intended target. .

Ukrainian authorities released images of the attack and its aftermath, and hours later President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Russia for the bombing, which has repeatedly attacked civilians during its invasion.

Security camera footage reviewed by the newspaper shows that “the missile flew toward Kostantinovka in the direction of Ukrainian-controlled territory, not behind Russian lines.”

he New York Times It also released a video in which, moments before the attack, the reflection of the missile can be seen as it passes over two parked cars as it travels from the northwest. The media cites air defense experts as saying that missiles like the one that hit Kostantinovka can deviate from their trajectory for a variety of reasons, such as electronic failure or a damaged or torn guide fin during launch.

“The circumstances of the attack on Konstantinovka are also being studied,” wrote Podoliak on his account on social network X (formerly Twitter). An adviser to the President of Ukraine notes that Ukraine investigates all attacks that take place in the war and states: “The public will get an answer to the question of what exactly happened in Kostantinovka.”

Podoliak states that “the appearance of publications in the foreign press questioning Russia’s involvement in the attack on Kostantinovka brings with it an increase in conspiracy theories and therefore requires a legal review and assessment by the authorities.”

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