Labor leader vows to renegotiate Brexit deal in 2025

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party and the favorite to become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain, has promised to renegotiate the agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union if he is in government. In 2025, according to an agreement with the European Commission, it is time to discuss a trade and cooperation pact between the country and the bloc, although the meeting does not involve reopening Brexit.

Labor would have preferred to avoid the divisive Brexit debate, but Starmer dares to suggest this given the regrets of those who voted to leave, the country’s isolation and the economic suffering of its neighbours. . 56% of citizens believe that leaving the EU was the “wrong decision” compared to 32% who continue to believe it was the right one (the rest don’t know). According to recent studies This August.

In June 2016, 52% of Britons voted in favor of Brexit. But now the total break that Boris Johnson’s government has chosen to implement is particularly unpopular and means tomatoes are missing from British supermarket shelves, long queues costing train tickets to cross the English Channel, restaurants have to serve them. Less food due to lack of workers, companies sell less abroad and families are poorer.

A “scarce” agreement

“Virtually everyone knows that the deal Johnson has made is very thin,” Starmer said. in the interview Financial Times During the Progressive Leaders Summit in Montreal, Canada. “By 2025, we will be trying to get a much better deal for the UK.

By now, Starmer is likely to be Britain’s new prime minister. In a poll of voting intentions for the general election, which must be conducted no later than January 2025It is work It is almost 20 points ahead of the conservatives.

In principle, what is planned in Brussels in 2025 are meetings to assess how the application of the trade and cooperation agreement launched in 2021 has gone.

“We have to act. There is no going back. But I refuse to accept that we can’t do it. I think of future generations when I say that,” said Starmer, who cited his teenage children as part of the generation affected by the decision to leave the EU in a referendum where there was a marked age gap (most Persons under 45 years of age They voted to remain.

The Labor leader visited the Netherlands last week and spoke about cooperation with the European Union on immigration issues. He travels to Paris this Tuesday to meet French President Emmanuel Macron and hopes to press his message of rapprochement with the EU.

A long way back

The review of the agreement could start a broader process, but some experts doubt that in the short term the EU wants to go beyond improving a few details in various agreements.

“Essentially it’s a review to sit down and discuss whether what we have is working or not.” So it’s not a way to sit down and renegotiate the whole thing,” Anand Menon, professor of European politics and international relations at King’s College London and director. Great Britain in a changing Europe, a network of academics specializing in EU relations. Menon, like other experts, believes that “it will be a long time before there is a serious political conversation about reintegration” in his country.

But even the Conservatives have already reversed some of the decisions that took the UK out of the EU. The new deal on Northern Ireland means in practice that the British territory remains in the EU’s single market, with the UK recently returning to the pan-European research programme. horizondecided not to automatically repeal all laws deriving from Community law, as the most Brexiteers in Parliament have sought, and will receive for an indefinite period EU “CE” marking on products that are planned to be eliminated and replaced by local products. In fact, Rishi Sunak himself, an early supporter of Brexit, has been trying to move closer to the EU for months, albeit cautiously so as not to upset his party’s staunchest defenders of a total break.

Businessmen and economic authorities are complaining about the exit deal negotiated by the Conservatives. Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, blames the politicians The Tories Promises based on fantasy. In Montreal this week, he blasted “extreme conservatives” for “not understanding how the economy works” and insisting on tax cuts as a solution to the crisis, just as the short-lived premier did in the fall. Last year.Liz Truss.

“When the Brexiteers tried to create a Singapore on the Thames, the Truce government pushed Argentina into the Channel. Carney said.

Source: El Diario





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