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G20 leaders reached consensus on the final communique of the summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced a consensus among G20 nations to announce a leaders’ summit to be held in India this week, a surprise commitment amid the group’s fragmentation. On things like war. In Ukraine or debt restructuring.

“Friends, we have just received good news: with all the hard work of our teams and their cooperation, the declaration of the G20 leaders’ summit in New Delhi has been agreed,” Modi said at the end of what was only the first day. Meetings that will end tomorrow.

“My most sincere thanks to our ministers, negotiators and officials who have worked hard and deserve this congratulations,” the Indian president added.

Known as the New Delhi Declaration, it consists of more than a hundred points and was prepared thanks to the “sacrifices” that G20 negotiators had to advance on certain aspects, according to negotiation sources who assured EFE.

The contents of this premature announcement have not yet been released, and the terms and vocabulary agreed upon by the leaders for this document are unknown.

The officials held intensive discussions late into the night and “so far there has been very good progress on the declaration in general,” the source said.

Condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine was the issue that most threatened the joint agreement, and although India submitted a draft text, most countries, especially the G7 group, found the proposal and its terms insufficient. what a war , the official representative of the European Union (EU) told EFE.

The language used to describe the conflict was once again a major stumbling block, as it was at last year’s Bali (Indonesia) summit, when the final declaration said “the majority of members” strongly condemned the war in Ukraine.

Tensions between Western countries with Russia and China have marked India’s presidency of the Group of Twenty, particularly over disagreements over the war in Ukraine and debt restructuring of emerging economies.

The absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping from the summit only underscored the gap with the rest of the country, leading to the belief that it would be difficult to reach a consensus among all members. group..

If no joint agreement had been reached, it would have been the first G20 leaders’ summit without a consensus declaration, at a time when other groups and multilateral forums have shown an inability to make progress on resolving the crisis.

Source: El Diario





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