EU’s top diplomats expecting a deal on Iran’s nuclear program

The European Union’s foreign policy director said he hoped that the deadlocked negotiations with Iran over Iran’s nuclear program would still lead to an agreement.

Negotiations between Tehran and the world’s major powers were stalled, in part, after Iran demanded that the United States remove the terrorist designation of the country’s paramilitary revolutionary defense force.

Bystander at the meeting of Germany’s seven major economies, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said the EU High Representative visited Teheran this week to negotiate “better than expected”. rice field.

I follow my contacts @JosepBorrellFMr. Mora’s visit and the meeting with Mr. Bagheri were another opportunity to focus on attempts to solve the remaining problems. If the United States makes that decision and sticks to its promises, good and reliable results can be achieved.#ViennaTalks

— H.Amirabdollahianامقر عبد اللهقان (@Amirabdolahian) May 13, 2022

“Negotiations have been stalled for two months because of this disagreement about what to do with the Revolutionary Guard,” Borrell said.

“Suppose that doesn’t go away overnight, but the negotiations are blocked and unblocked,” he said.

“This means that an agreement may be reached.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdrahian said on Twitter that the meeting between the EU envoy and Iran’s negotiators is “a new opportunity to focus on initiatives aimed at solving the remaining problems.” The evaluation of Borel was repeated.

“If the United States makes that decision and sticks to its promises, we can achieve good and reliable results,” Abdrahian said.

Meanwhile, EU envoy Enrique Mora said on Friday that he was temporarily detained with a colleague at Frankfurt Airport for violating diplomatic rules from Teheran to Brussels.

“We have not received a single statement,” Mora said.

He was detained by German police at Frankfurt Airport on his way back from Tehran to Brussels. There is no single explanation. Official EU official with a Spanish diplomatic passport. He took out his passport and phone.

— Enrique Mora (@enriquemora_) May 13, 2022

“The official EU official in possession of a Spanish diplomatic passport. I unplugged my passport and phone,” he wrote on Twitter.

He said the EU ambassador to Vienna and the head of the EU task force on Iran were also arrested.

“We broke up,” Mora wrote. “Reject statements that appear to be in violation of the Vienna Treaty.”

German federal police said the three diplomats were chosen to be checked by a computerized system because they traveled from Teheran as individuals rather than lacking information about them.

Police said they were released after 40 minutes.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Source: Belfasttelegraph





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