The US National Guard shot and wounded a man in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), August 28 (EFE).- The border patrol of El Paso (Texas) reported on Monday that the Department of Public Safety of the southern US state is investigating an incident that occurred last Saturday, involving an element of the National Guard. shot and wounded a person on the Mexican side in Ciudad Juarez.

Jose Reynosa, deputy chief of the border patrol in El Paso, told EFE during a visit to Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) that the entire investigation will be carried out by the Texas Department of Security, without offering further details.

In an interview at a patrolling event for the municipal police in Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa clarified that the border patrol in the area does not carry high-caliber weapons and that it was not their elements that fired at the Mexican side.

The attack took place last Saturday night on the banks of the Rio Grande, at the height of Rafael Perez Serna Avenue, a short distance from the Cordova-America International Bridge.

The man who was shot was identified as 37-year-old Darwin Jose Garcia of Veracruz state, who was in Bordeaux, a dirt road used by runners and cyclists for exercise that is more than 10 meters from the river bed.

Mexican authorities reported that he suffered gunshot wounds to his right leg and was taken to a city hospital where he has since been discharged.

In a statement, the Border Patrol in El Paso distanced itself from the incident and blamed the Texas National Guard, which has been stationed in the region since December 2022.

Later that night, Texas military authorities said a member of the US National Guard had fired his weapon at a person crossing the border on the Mexican side during an incident at the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso border.

The National Guard has limited itself to reporting that the incident is under investigation and will provide additional information in the coming days.

Similarly, personnel from the Chihuahua State Secretariat of Public Security (SSPE) confirmed that they participated in the shootings from the United States, following a call from the Border Patrol that two bullets had been fired near the border bridge.

Rodolfo Cortes, spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, said that the injured person is being treated at the General Hospital.

While the incident is being investigated, dozens of migrants of different nationalities continue to cross the same point where the Mexican man was injured just a few days ago.

Source: El Diario





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