Putin appears on Russian TV again and confirms that the “military campaign” in Ukraine is his “highest priority”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Russian military operation in Ukraine his top priority, which he devotes from waking up to sleeping. On Russian TV.. the message did not mention the mutiny of Wagner’s mercenaries in the last hours, which is why some media outlets note that it could have happened before the events.

“I give him the highest priority. Today I start with this and I end with this”, says the President of Russia, who is ready to receive information about this at any time of the day, although he admits that he has been sleeping very late lately.

“Of course, I must always be available. And that’s how it happens,” he explains.

According to Putin, this allows us to create a situation in which we all feel safe. “And without a doubt, we are in a position to fulfill all the plans and tasks that we have set. This applies to the defense of the country, as well as special military operations, the economy in general and some of its directions,” he adds.

The president emphasizes that “you have to devote yourself to it 24 hours a day.” It is impossible otherwise, – he concludes.

He took the opportunity to confirm that “macroeconomic indicators (of Russia) are normal”.

He recalled that annual inflation had hit a low of 2.3% and highlighted low unemployment, record construction figures in 2022 and stressed that the pace of the economy was “sustainable”.

Prigogine’s Rebellion

This Saturday, after nearly 24 hours of tension in Russia, Wagner’s boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, ordered mercenaries who had been advancing toward Moscow after showing up in absentia against the military command of the Russian Defense Ministry to return to their bases to prevent “Bloodshed”. “The time has come when blood can be spilled. Therefore, we understand the full responsibility that one side is shedding Russian blood, our convoys are turning around and returning to our bases as planned,” he said in his Telegram audio message.

What some feared would lead to civil war ended with an agreement to end armed escalation and exile Prigogine to Belarus, after Wagner’s troops arrived just 400 kilometers from Moscow.

What does this mean for Ukraine?

As this article from The Guardian points out, it’s impossible to know how the match will play out after recent events. Most experts believed that Prigozhin was losing, but in any case, the fight was likely to benefit Ukraine. Weapons, soldiers and attention have shifted from the front lines as Kiev mounts a counter-offensive. Prigozhin said on Saturday that he does not want to harm the war effort, but for now, even if the fighting is limited, Russian generals are now more focused on what is happening in their country.

Source: El Diario





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