Ukraine achieves its first victory in the counterattack in Zaporozhye

Ukraine achieved its first victory in the counteroffensive on the war front in the southern region of Zaporozhye. According to Vladimir Rogov, the governor appointed by Moscow in this area, the Ukrainian forces would take over the settlement of Pyatikhatki in the last hours.

The Russian official posted a message via Telegram in which he acknowledged that “the enemy’s attack was successful, despite huge losses,” as reported by Reuters. Rogov adds that Russian artillery is now pounding their opponents to prevent them from entrenching themselves in the city.

So far, no Ukrainian representatives have made a decision on the matter, but if this progress is confirmed, it will be the first capture of the Ukrainian countryside in almost a week.

Rogov also noted that if they get a foothold in Pyatizhatki, the next movement of Ukrainian forces may be directed towards the city of Zherbyank, which will eventually be confirmed in the city of Vasilivka.

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense did not confirm the loss of control over Pyatikhatki, but admitted that the heaviest battles are now taking place on the Zaporizhia front: “For the last day, the Ukrainian armed forces continued to make offensive attempts. on the Zaporizhia, Southern Donetsk and Donetsk fronts,” the military report said.

What we have been witnessing in the war in Ukraine for two weeks now is a counter-offensive consisting of armed reconnaissance carried out by small units, mainly trying to identify weak points in Russian defenses.

Neither the recovery of a handful of cities by the Ukrainian side — a total of about 100 square kilometers, according to Kiev — nor the destruction of a dozen armored vehicles by Russia allows us to make any decisive judgments about the future of the war. in the following months”, explains Jesus A. Núñez, co-director of the Institute for Conflict and Humanitarian Action at, who also notes that Russia could “try to prolong the conflict as long as possible, in search of exhaustion. between the countries that provide aid and weapons to Kiev and the exhaustion of the offensive thrust of the attackers.

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