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Vatican: Pope cancels Friday plans due to fever

The Vatican said Pope Francis had a fever, forcing him to cancel plans for Friday morning.

“Due to a fever, Pope Francis did not hold an audience this morning,” confirmed Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

He did not specify.

The news comes two months after the 86-year-old pontiff was hospitalized with bronchitis. He then spent three nights in the hospital.

Lately, the Pope’s increasingly frequent health problems are worrying more than one. There is speculation that Francis may leave the Holy See, as his predecessor Benedict XVI did.

In an interview with Telemundo broadcast on Thursday, the pontiff said his health was “much better”. “I can walk now. My knee is healing. Before I could walk with difficulty, but now I can. Some days the pain is greater, like today,” the pope said.

Asked about the diagnosis of bronchitis, Francis said doctors noticed the disease in time. “If we had waited a few more hours, the situation would have been much more serious. However, I was discharged (from the hospital) after four days,” the Holy Father said.

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