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A proposal on the name of Sakartvel has been registered in the Ukrainian parliament

A draft resolution on the use of the historical name Sakartvel has been registered in the Ukrainian parliament.

This was reported by the eurointegration portal, based on the Verkhovna Rada website, on Friday.

“It is proposed to use the official and historical name of the country Sakartvel instead of Georgia at the official level in Ukraine, as well as in the media. Accordingly, Georgians should be called Kartvelians,” the document reads.

The explanatory note notes that for nearly 15 years, official Tbilisi has been persuading its international partners to drop the name Georgia, which is considered Russified. Residents of Kartveli ask to use the historical name of their country – Sakartvelas.

Lithuania, Israel, South Korea and Japan have already dropped the name Georgia from official documents, the initiators of the resolution explained.

“Most of them have started using the Latin name Georgia, but it should be noted that only Lithuania uses the name Sakartvelas from 2021,” the explanatory note says.

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