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Media: Czech general urged to prepare for ‘bad’ scenario of Ukrainian counterattack

The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic, General Karel Řechka, urged the public to prepare for the “bad” scenario of a Ukrainian counterattack.

In an interview with the German publication “Bild”, he said that no one can now predict what the counterattack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will end up with. “The outcome of the war does not depend only on tanks and armored personnel carriers. There are too many unknowns,” the general said.

He clarified what he meant by “bad scenario”. “I think we have to prepare for the worst scenario – a long war,” said K. Řechka.

According to him, it is possible that Western countries will have to supply arms to Ukraine for many more years. “The Russians think that time is on their side. We have to show them that they are wrong,” said the Czech Chief of General Staff. He added that the Czech Republic had already supplied Ukraine with more than 250 Soviet tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and helicopters.

The general called on Western politicians to prepare the public for the fact that the war could continue for many years. He said that he was talking not only about defence, but also, for example, about the economic field.

“Our readiness to support Ukraine on other fronts is no less important: morally, diplomatically, financially and in other areas,” stressed K. Řechka.

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