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Due to the tension in Kosovo, the President of Serbia declared the army in full combat readiness

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić declared the country’s army fully combat-ready and ordered the movement of its units to the border with Kosovo.

This was reported by Reuters on Friday, citing Serbian media.

The president took the action after Serbs in the municipality of Zvecan in northern Kosovo clashed with Kosovar police trying to help the newly elected mayor, an ethnic Albanian, into the municipality’s premises .

The Serbs, who make up the majority of the region’s population, boycotted the local elections.

Local media reported that Kosovo police fired tear gas at a crowd gathered outside the municipality building.

According to the information received, the Kosovo police have started monitoring the buildings of the municipalities of Zubin Potok, Zvečan and Leposavičius. After that, alarm sirens started sounding in towns in northern Kosovo and local Serbs started gathering in municipalities. KFOR and EULEX forces would be nearby.

These incidents occurred when mayors representing Albanian parties elected in the last elections took office.

As the Kosovo Serbs boycotted the local elections, the new mayors were elected, even though they obtained only around 3% of the votes. of votes.

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