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Minister of Ukraine: the entire territory of the Kherson region is completely mined

The territory of the Kherson region is currently completely mined, Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihoris Klymenka said in an interview with “RBC-Ukraine”.

“For example, the Kyiv region. We thought it was heavily mined, then it turned out that the Chernihiv region was even more mined, the Kharkiv region was even more mined, and the Kherson region was completely mined “said the minister.

He recalled that currently 174,000 mines are considered to be exploited in Ukraine. m² kilometers of territory. When asked how long it would take to clear the country’s territories, I. Klymenka replied that the speed will depend on the size and intensity of the mined areas.

“We know how many mines are arriving on the coast of the Kherson region every day, and we receive relevant data every day. And these areas will have to be recognized. This means that although we have cleared them, something has returned there- down and we will have to clear them again”, – I. Klymenka.

The minister briefed on the extent of demining work, saying it is a rather long-term process.

“Here, we work with international partners who already supply us with remote mechanized demining machines to clear hectares of fields. By the end of the year, we expect to have around 35 such machines”, the manager said.

He expressed hope that this year Ukrainian industry will be able to supply more vehicles for demining.

I. Klymenka said that the issue of demining will be discussed in Brussels at the meeting of interior ministers.

“Demining will be one of the main themes for the world to understand the magnitude of the tragedy we are facing. A lot of work lies ahead of us, and we cannot even imagine its magnitude,” the minister said.

As previously reported, on May 17, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska said Ukraine was waiting for South Korea’s help in obtaining mine-clearing equipment.

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