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Sweden on fire. Burning Koran and burning police vans in the streets

Swedish towns have faced unrest since Thursday due to nationwide right-wing rallies. The clashes are accompanied by a meeting of the Danish Stram Kurs (Hard Leadership) party, which has announced plans to burn the Koran, Reuters reported. Left-wing activists and Muslim opponents torched police vans, threw stones at police officers and demonstrated against the burning of the Koran with the words “Allah Akbar”.

In recent days, Sweden has been surrounded by the leader of the far-right Danish party, Tough Direction, which calls for the banning of Islam, Rasmus Paludan. He holds his meetings near neighborhoods where large numbers of migrants live, trying to set fire to the Koran. The meetings, in which dozens of party supporters take part, are accompanied by more numerous counter-demonstrations.

At least four police officers and a spectator were injured on Friday in Örebro. Several police cars were set on fire and some demonstrators threw stones or other objects at police officers who were protecting Danish supporters. 500 people took part in the counter-demonstration.

The first protests against the action have been registered by police in southern Sweden, where Paludan is planning another meeting. It was originally to take place in Landskrona, where dozens of opponents had gathered, but organizers moved it to Malmö. Hundreds of police are on the streets in the face of aggressive blackouts by opponents of the party.

The riots were condemned by Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. “Swedish citizens are allowed to express their opinions, whether they are in good or bad taste. It is part of our democracy,” she said. According to her, the riots are the kind of reaction Paludan expects.

The Stram Kurs party ran in the Danish parliamentary elections in 2019. But it only got 1.8% of the vote. It did not cross the 2% mark and remained at the gates of parliament. Paludan demonstratively burns the Quran during his meetings, as seen in the video.

Muslims are rebelling against the burning of the Koran in the hands of extremists. During the protests, opponents chased police into the streets and set fire to police vans. During police riots on Friday, 12 police officers were injured and four police vehicles were set on fire.

Source: Echo24





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